anyone live in or near Baltimore? I'm in a panel discussion w/ David 'Zeb' Cook tomorrow... COME!

Hi Autarch gang, it's me, the guy who did a lot of the illustrations for ACKS. I want to see if I could catch anyone's interest regarding a panel discussion I'm involved in tomorrow in Baltimore - We've got David 'Zeb' Cook coming to participate in a discussion about art and virtual + imagined worlds at the Creative Alliance TOMORROW, Thursday the 31st of May at 7PM. David is known for writing a lot of the 2nd Ed D&D material, including the core books. Additionally, he's credited for being the lead designer of the City of Villains mmo.

Read on, if that sounds interesting at all: the overall conversation we're having will also include artists' talks by myself and MacKenzie Peck, who is also exhibiting her artwork in the same show, and another local artist, Mina Cheon. The discussion will be more of a panel kind of discussion, and we'll probably be ranging quite a bit in topic but the main theme is creating or envisioning imaginary worlds, and how each of us goes about doing this. In other words, I'll be talking about games+art, David will be talking about games, and the other two will be talking about art, mainly. If you want to get some culture on and meet an RPG figurehead from the past, it could be cool! This will probably run for an hour, including time for questions.

Here's a link to my artwork (the kind I make for exhibitions):
And if you're reading this forum, you've probably seen my work in ACKS. I did the cover and most of the black and whites inside.

My artwork is influenced in part by my experiences playing RPGs, so I'm looking forward to the discussion and meeting anyone who cares to stop by! MacKenzie, the other artist, is exhibiting some works that look a lot like artifacts to me - you can hold them and interact with them, though they are not game-related. The whole exhibit and talks are free, of course. The exhibit runs through this weekend. Let me know if you live nearby and plan to come! Do we have any Maryland/DC people here?

Best wishes to all,

Wish I could be there. I was just through DC for a hot Memorial Day but I had to return to NYC for various paycheck earning. Let us know how it goes Ryan!