[AP] Zharillia Campaign - Openings for Players

Title: Zharillia
System: ACKS
Time: Every other Thursday 2100 EST - 2300 EST (Next is 08 March, 2012)
Google+ Page: http://goo.gl/WTQQm (DM) http://goo.gl/qc7fK (Campaign Site)
Dungeon Master: Roger Burgess (roger dot burgess dawt iii at geemale dut com)
Will you be the first to find the lost Dwarven citadel of Thrumi Zud?
Why does the herpetologist Otto Aggenbaucher want to study Thunder Lions?
How will Krutus Schneps, known as the Jolly Fat man in Red and
White, screw up the summoning of the demon Ashgorat?
Is Oxnard, the Immortal Bone Man sorcerer even on the level?
Why is it lucky to rub the foreheads of Dwarves and why don’t they drink ale?
Zharillia, that place where if you fall off the edge of the world,
you’ll probably starve to death before you hit something. Ancient
beyond belief, with continent sized shards of a broken, shattered
world floating about in the Ether, Zharillia’s strangeness only begins
with the surface details. Life is cheap on a 5000 mile wide floating
rock and it’s hard to tell what’s more dangerous: the people or the
monsters. Only the lucky will survive.
I can be contacted at +Roger Burgess (my avatar is a shocked-looking
Pip-boy). Bring 1st level FLAILSNAILS compatible characters of the
following classes: Fighter, Dwarven Vaultguard, Magic-User. Other classes and
races will be unlocked through play. If you want to be a priest,
worship a god and tithe 20%. No clerics, only five-year olds get their
boo-boos kissed.

“Only five-year olds get their boo-boos kissed.” That’s awesome.

so ive been seeing this, what is a FLAILSNAIL?

Jeff explains FLAILSNAIL better than I can: http://jrients.blogspot.com/2011/08/flailsnails-conventions.html

thanks, that helps alot.

My Bi-Weekly Zharillia game is on tonight.

Let me know if anyone wants in.

If you do, bring along a statted up and kitted out 1st level ACKS PC of the following classes:

  1. Fighter
  2. Magic-User
  3. Magician of the Library of Tothk (writeup here: http://ubuntuone.com/1cq1yuRzm9s9c2MQPKNxRz)
  4. Dwarven Vaultguard