Appearance of "Dome"?

So what does this “dome” look like over the buried temple?

I’m having trouble visualizing it without a picture or cross-section map. Is it a thin shell/sphere of granite? Several of the rooms are listed “open-air”. Does this mean that the entire rooftop structure of the buried temple is exposed, or is the granite dome something more solid?

(I’m hoping one of the art pieces clears up the external appearance as well - will PCs see a strange “ball” of granite as they venture through the Viaspen?)

It is essentially a dome, yes, from the inside at least, and the entirety of the temple is within.

Presumably the exterior of the dome is soil/grass/tree covered, and perhaps not very dome-like if you are not seeing it from an aerial vantage. I don’t have the preview handy to scroll through though.

There will be an interior shot of the dome as an art piece, yes. I’ve seen a preview, it’s pretty bad-ass.

You can now see an image of the dome’s interior here:

Hi Alex, how do we access the drop box?

A Kickstarter Message was sent to backers of Conqueror level and above with a link to Dropbox. A copy should have been forwarded to the e-mail associated with your Kickstarter account. Mine is entitled “New message about The Sinister Stone of Sakkara” from “Autarch via Kickstarter” If the e-mail may have hung up somewhere as spam, you can also access it by signing into Kickstarter and going to the Messages Inbox.

After clicking the link provided, you access Dropbox as you would on your device, via browser, Dropbox app or installed Dropbox software.

Thanks Charles, that advice got me to it.