Archiving spells

It is unclear to me how archiving spells work. Lets say I found a spell book and saw that it had spells that are of my casting level but do not necessarily need at this time. Would I copy those spell formulas into a archived formulas book for later use? If I can what is the cost in time and money?

You just keep the spell book. There’s no need to take any other action.

Yes that would be best but the spellsword in the party would also like some of the spells.

I think you’re asking me if there’s some intermediate step between “spells in repertoire” and “spells in a spellbook which is not my own,” and there is not.

The spells in your repertoire are in your spellbook. Other spells are not. You can add them from their source (scroll or spellbook) at a later time.

Let me get this straight. To copy a spell from another spellbook I would need to un-repertoire a spell. Then place the new spell in my repertoire to copy it to my spellbook. After that if I wanted the old spell back I would un-repertoire the new spell and re-repertoire the old spell.

I just couldn’t copy the formula for future use.

The only reason I want to be clear is because I have a $5 bet on who is right.

There’s no need to copy it, and certainly no need to unrepertoire a spell. If you have access to someone else’s spellbook, you have the formula for the spell. The stuff about copying a spell from someone’s spellbook is only if you want to add it to your repertoire.

That being said, somewhere around here there’s a discussion on the possibility of having multiple spellbooks you may find interesting.

Do you know the the link to the multiple spellbooks discussion?

There have been a number of discussions on spell books. This search finds most of the good ones, I think:

Thanks for the link Thomas!