Are people being driven away from the game by Reddit censorship and misinformation?

When I search Ascendant a lot of content comes up from Reddit that seems to disparage both the game and its author not just on the basis of political lean, but also alleged alt-right activism. Some of the claims seemed untrue to me or contradicted statements given on therpgsite regarding Milo Yiannopoulos stuff. Much like how they also take issue with our history (wherein we are the ones blamed for being a banned gaming topic) and blah.

Speaking of therpgsite, recently found this link, as was posted there: Reddit - Dive into anything

Blacklisting creators from even being spoken of within the context of rpgs seems a bit sketchy to me.

But yeah, it kinda seems like Reddit and its subreddits were at least within the context of moderation and participation mostly siding against attempts to correct that kind of thing. Yet we of this forum and affiliated discords and such are the ones apparently being accused of brigading or something.

I don’t know, maybe I’m blowing this all out of proportion, but yeah, am a bit concerned.

ACKs was generally liked and recommended on r/OSR. Though about half the times it was mentioned, the partisans would flood the discussion to FUD the author. IME, ACKS was praised more than it was disparaged.

Then r/OSR followed behind r/RPG to ban the designer. I unsubbed after that and bought all of the Ascendant stuff a while later.

I can’t speak to other social media, as I don’t post there, and I don’t go to any of the dedicated RPG forums like or TheRPGSite (I dislike those places).

This shift began a month or so ago, as we (the US) entered an election year. Both sides are circling the wagons of their communities. It’s just the political left is more strident about this and better at it. Autarch isn’t the only actor being affected by this hyper-partisanship, I’m sure.

But to what degree, I couldn’t guess. Might not matter at all.

Sucks, but this is our timeline :weary: