Artists' Galleries/Websites

Do the ACKS artists have any galleries on-line? I’d love to see more of their work!

Hello luftmench, very kind of you to take an interest.
Ryan Browning, the primary illustrator for the ACKS core book is more widely known for his impressive contemporary paintings and art practice which you can witness at his website:
The ACKS core book has the lionshare of his illustrated game art output within its pages and you can buy the originals through his Etsy page:
I did some minor illustrations for the ACKS core book, but I am gearing to do the troop counters for Domains at War and maps for forthcoming ACKS supplements. I am working on my illustration portfolio page, but it has some ways to go:
I also have an alternate identity when I am not drawing tiny plate-mailed elves:


nice, thanks for the promotion. I need to redo my illustration site since I killed the last one. I think I might need a handy alias like Greengoat! Perhaps Periloth will do :slight_smile:

The subject of aliases or pseudonyms is interesting. The only famous artist I can think of that did professional illustration work is Andy Warhol, and he went by the more formal “Andrew Warhola”. I think it’s a good tool to differentiate intents.

I’m now the proud owner of Ryan’s map/astrolabe drawing that features so much in the ACKS advertising. To me it immediately spoke of adventure and exploration. Thus, I can’t wait until it’s framed and on my wall.

excellent! luftmensch and I also worked out a great trade - drawings for a few old monster manuals/compendiums/etc. How great is that? Thanks guys!

i also am now the proud owner of some of the art i got from Ryan, i sent him an email about the d20 art and got a very neat piece with that and some other random goodies for my gameroom.
i just want to say its very cool that on the Autarch forums you can communicate with the artists of the books and even sometimes get the art that speaks to you from the books. its a wonderful thing that the artists and Autarch work so closely together

I’ve got to say that it’s been very cool working with everyone who supports ACKS - it’s been a blast! I wish I could be around more :slight_smile: