Ascendant Versions of Characters from Other Universes

Ascendants! Please use this thread to present write-ups of the game stats for your characters from other comic book universes, be they Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, Dynamite, etc.

Use Beta Final (v36) for your write-up. At the end of July (July 31) the original Star-Spangled Squadron players will vote on which suggestion is best and the winner will get to commission a quarter-page image in the book by the Ascendant artist of their choice.

Contest Rules: By participating in the contest, contestants grant Autarch LLC the right to print, publish, broadcast and use the contest entry worldwide in any media now known or hereafter developed, at any time or times, including times prior to the contest via chronological manipulation. Entries will be judged based on representational verisimilitude, cleverness in exploiting Ascendant RPG rules, and fawning praise of the game designer. Judging will be conducted by a panel of four role-playing gamers selected randomly by Autarch from its group of four role-playing gamers in Raleigh-Durham. Employees of Autarch LLC and any family members and/or household members of these employees, are excluded from the contest. Entrants release Autarch LLC and its managers, officers, commanders, lieutenants, heroes, vassals, henchmen, hirelings, followers, and war dogs, and all others associated with the development and execution of this contest, from and against any liability with respect to or in any way arising from this contest and the awarding and use of the prizes. Tampering with the contest in any manner is prohibited unless you are not caught. Autarch LLC reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to determine whether the contest has been tampered with. Autarch LLC reserves the right to disqualify any entrant it suspects or has determined, in its sole discretion, has tampered with the contest in a manner unbefitting a supervillain. If Autarch LLC determines that the contest has been tampered with, it reserves the right to terminate the contest without awarding any prizes and/or to award the prize to itself. Autarch LLC shall not be responsible for any entry not received due to network outages; failed, incomplete, garbled, or delayed computer transmissions; online failures; hardware, software or other technical malfunctions or disturbances; white Challenge Checks; botches, fumbles, mortal wounds rolls, arcane mishaps, or disastrous tampering with mortality; or any other communications, transmission, or other failure.

Made Superman using Excel 2016. Making him actually legal under Ascendant rules was a bit of a challenge - and not just because he's insanely powerful. The 15% CP limit on Drawbacks made it hard to do his weaknesses, and so I could only get in the red sun & green Kryptonite in there. No Fortress of Solitude et al either, and his Spaceflight is probably too low, but... well there we go.


Edit: Text version...


Superman (2000 CP, PL 54, CR 2,048,000)

Attributes: MIG 24, AGI 15, VAL 15, RES 24, INS 10, CHA 10, Weight 3, Height 0, Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 21, Flying speed 22, Initiative 29, Income 0, Reputation 10, Passive Spotting 23, Passive Listening 15, Health 40,960, Determination 40,960, Hero Points 84

Powers: Hover Flight 22, Spaceflight 42, Short Range (-2) Continuous Thermal Blast 24, Short Range (-3) Variable Cryogenic Cone 16, Invulnerability 28, Blockable Concentration X-Ray Vision 11, FOV-Limited Microscopic Vision 21, Telescopic Vision 15, Thermal Dark Vision 15, Ultra-Sensitive Vision 15, Ultra-Sensitive Hearing 15, Polarised Vision 15, Filtered Hearing 15, All-Frequency Hearing 20, Super-Strength 30, Lightning Reflexes 14, Regeneration 7, Immortality 28.

Skills: Martial Arts (Unarmed) 24, Marksmanship (Blasts) 20

Perks: Kryptonian Physiology (custom, Immunity to non-Kryptonian diseases) 10 CP, Multitask, Principled (Code of Honour) 4 CP, Protector, Tireless

Drawbacks: Code of Honor (Superhero) 4 CP, Dependents (Lois Lane et al) 6 CP, Duty (Daily Planet reporter) 1, Vulnerable State (Ambient red sunlight for proximity; loses all Powers, MIG/AGI/VAL reduced to 4, loses Kryptonian Physiology) 121 CP, Vulnerable State/Adverse Response (0 SPs of green Kryptonite for proximity +2 pages; loses all Powers, MIG/AGI/VAL reduced to 4, loses Kryptonian Physiology, takes 1 damage per Page, ignoring Protection) 168 CP.

Teleros - great build! Note that in v36 I upped the limit from 15% to 20%, so you do have wiggle room.

Could I ask you to please put the character stats in this thread in text in the format I'm using for the official characters? Having to refer to an external file makes it difficult for users in the future (and the file might vanish) and also harder to compare different builds

American Eagle (1040 CP, CR 1000)

Attributes: MIG 15, AGI 10, VAL 15, RES 12, INS 5, CHA 10, Weight 3, Height 0, Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 12, Flying speed 15, Initiative 15, Income 9, Reputation 20, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Health 1920, Determination 640, Hero Points 38

Powers: Air Supply 18, Hovering Flight 15, Invulnerability 15, Infrared Dark Vision 12, Pressure Protection 20, Telescopic Vision 7

Skills: Aerial Combat 15, Avocation (little league coach) 8, Profession (firefighter) 8

Perks: Authority (Star-Spangled Squadron, 10 CP), Famous (22 CP), Heroic, Leadership, Principled (Code of Honor, 2 CP), Protector, Tireless, Wealthy (2 CP)

Drawbacks: Code of Honor (four-color hero, 2 CP), Dependent (wife and two children, 6 CP), Duty (Star-Spangled Squadron, 10 CP), Hunted (Exodus, 5 CP)

UPDATE: American Eagle feels that Superman is OP

Spider-Man (700 CP, PL 22, CR 60)

Attributes: MIG 10, AGI 7, VAL 7, RES 6, INS 7, CHA 6, Weight 3, Height 0, Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 7, Carry Capacity 7, Initiative 13, Income 0, Reputation 8, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Health 320, Determination 160, Hero Points 20

Powers: Combat Sense: 9, Iron Will: 8, Lightning Reflexes: 5, Resilience: 5, Super Stamina: 8, Wall Crawling: 7

               Web Shooters (Power Pool - Glue, Snare, Swingline): 7 ( 35/11 cost, 112 CP)

                Invention: 40 CP of minor devices

Skills: Engineer: 8, Parkour: 9, Persuasion: 8, Power Aptitude (Web Shooters): 9, Science: 8, Smack Talk: 8, Stoicism: 8

Perks:  Famous (+2 reputation, 4CP)

Drawbacks: Code of Honor (four-color hero, 2 CP), Dependent (Aunt May, 2 CP), Duty (day job, 2CP), Duty (Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, 2CP)

UPDATE: Spider-Man agrees that Superman is OP

Developer's Notes:  Some skills, such as Profession(photography) are accounted for in Spider-Man's base statistics.  List of powers is from Wikipedia, as a Spider-Fan I know these stats don't cover everything, even if a lot of stunts are accounted for by Hero Points.  In particular, Spider-Man does a lot of things that suggest Stretching should be part of his Web Shooter pool.  Because he rarely runs out of web formula or damages his web shooters, did not assign a device penalty to the Web Shooter pool.

As Peter Parker is noted as one of the top ten minds in Marvel Earth (sometimes ranking in the top four), I really wanted to pump his INS up higher.  But - he does a lot of bone-headed things, too, so I was tempted to lower them as well.

The precedence of the number 7 above is because a lot of Spider-Man's benchmarks are in the 3-5 times professional level.

Depending on era, Spider-Man's reputation varies wildly, and other abilities less so.  (Reference Superior Spider-Man, where Doctor Octopus' manipulations left Spider-Man rich for a time, and the sporadic appearance of suits like the Venom symbiote and Iron Spider armor).

Great contribution! American Eagle feels that he and Spider-Man could be friends and hang out.  

I like both sons of Odin, so I figured I'd build them as a set (pre-Ragnarok). If you only want one, I guess you can drop Thor.

Thor (960 CP, PL 28, CR 500) 

Attributes: MIG 14, AGI 10, VAL 14, RES 12, INS 4, CHA 8, Weight 3, Height 0, Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 11, Carry Capacity 14, Initiative 14, Income 8, Reputation 8, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Health 1280, Determination 640, Hero Points 32

Powers: Mjølnir (Long Range Combat Sense 14, Flight 10, Short Range (-2) Electric Blast 14), Regeneration 7, Invulnerability 14, Immortality 15, Dark Vision 5, Super Perception 7

Skills: Avocation (Beer and Mead) 5, Avocation (Rulership) 5

Perks:  Tireless, Wealthy (2 CP), Authority (Heir to Asgard, 60 CP), Super Power Melee Attack, Leadership, Multilingual (various alien and godly languages, 4 CP)

Drawbacks: Duty (Heir to Asgard, 60 CP), Vulnerable State: Deprived of Device (Mjølnir, lost on Yellow+ Disarm or Unconscious, Prone, or Overwhelmed; also lose 3 SPs of AGI and 7 SPs of MIG, VAL, and RES if Mjølnir is lost; the refund has been decreased from 30% to 15% to account for being able to recall Mjølnir to hand as a Challenge Action, moving at Flight speed; 51 CP), Code of Honor (Pure of Heart, 2 CP), Duty (Avenger, 1 CP)

Notes: Weather Control is really expensive, so, uh, Power Stunt Gust and Instant Self-Range Fog off of Flight it you really need to.


Loki (920 CP, PL 27, CR 250)

Attributes: MIG 5, AGI 5, VAL 14, RES 12, INS 8, CHA 9, Weight 3, Height 0, Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 11, Carry Capacity 14, Initiative 14, Income 8, Reputation 9, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Health 960, Determination 640, Hero Points 30

Powers: Seidr Power Pool (Insightful Illusion, Invisibility) 8, Regeneration 5, Invulnerability 11, Super Stamina 13, Immortality 15, Dark Vision 5, Knives (Long Range Combat Reflexes 14, Boomerang Cumbersome Lacerating Strike 13)

Skills: Persuasion 10, Parkour 8, Avocation (Plotting) 14

Perks: Tireless, Wealthy (2 CP), Multilingual (various alien and godly languages, 8 CP)

Drawbacks: Notorious (New York City, plus some others; 20 CP), Hunted (SHIELD, 10 CP), Compulsion (Deception, 2 CP), Vulnerable State: Deprived of Device (lose Knives and 8 SPs VAL on Yellow+ Disarm, Unconscious, Prone, or Overwhelmed, 53 CP), Vulnerable State: Damaged (lose 5 SPs of Seidr Power Pool if damaged, 23 CP)

Notes: Loki can do lots of things with Seidr that aren't in his Power Pool, but again, Power Stunts come in really handy since he usually doesn't need too many SPs. Having both a Mental and a Transformation power in the Pool should open up all the classic options pretty cheap - Skinchanging 4, Emotion Adjustment 5, Telepathy 13, and Scrying 9 all come to mind.

Defense of Said Power Stunts So That Archon Won't Bug Me About It: If you need a better justification for the PS than "it's magic", consider that all of physical reality is an illusion created by the interaction of consciousness with quantum reality. Loki, the God of Lies, makes illusions by weaving lies into the very fabric of reality. Ergo, Illusion can Power Stunt anything. ;)

Yes, I’m necroposting. I’m not apologizing. Creating Ascendant versions of other characters is how I am learning the system. Also, I respectfully disagree with Teleros on how Superman was constructed. I have referenced the following:

for the “Marvel SuperHeroes” stats, and the Autarch discord for a handy conversion guide between MSH and Ascendant:

Chiefly, I disagree with how Teleros applied Superman’s immunity to terrestrial diseases. Such a power is a significant advantage, and doing the math for Hyper-Immune system and giving it a very rare flaw (“does not work against kryptonian diseases”, okay, but there isn’t a Krypton anymore and there are comparatively few survivors from whom Kal-El might contract such a disease … ) made this power significantly more expensive than 10 CP.

KAL-EL - The SUPERMAN (2086 CP, PL 56)

ATTRIBUTES: Might 15, Agility 13, Valor 7, Resolve 13, Insight 7, Charisma 9, Height 0, Weight 3, Running Speed 20, Jumping Speed 12, Flying speed 18, Income 23, Fame 9, Passive Spotting 23, Passive Listening 15, Health 10,240, Determination 960, Hero Points 93

POWERS: Super-Stamina 20, Resistance (Thermal, Cryogenic, Corrosive, Toxic, Ionizing) 15, Resistance (Concussive, Bludgeoning, Lacerating, Penetrating, Electrical) 17, Continuous Short-Range Thermal Blast 15, Hovering Flight 18, Spaceflight 23, Superspeed 15, Pressure Protection 20, Hyper-Immune System 17 (Flaw: does not protect against Kryptonian diseases, -1%), Power Battery (Might, Flight, Superspeed) 3, Extended Hearing, Ultra-Sensitive Hearing, FOV-Limited Microscopic vision 11, Telescopic Vision 4, Blockable concentration X-Ray Vision 11, Continuous Gust 13, Variable Concussive Cryogenic Cone 11, Non-Combat Superstrength 90*, All-Frequency Hearing 15, Dark Vision 11

*: Note - I will not permit my players to power stunt in any way which removes the “built-in limitations” on a power; it is not possible to power stunt such that NCSS 90 becomes SS90. And 90 SPs of super-strength is enough for Superman to move the Planet Earth in its orbit.

SKILLS: Avocation (Astronomy) 11, Breath Control 13, Profession (Investigative Journalism) 11

PERKS: Grappling Expertise, Headquarters (total of 29 SPs in the Arctic), Heroic (+5 HP), Mobile Defense Expertise, Protector, Sex Appeal, Wealthy 5 CP**

**: Note 2 - Clark Kent is not “wealthy” in the traditional sense, but Superman can request or be given various things from friends and allies, or borrowing from S.T.A.R. Labs, etc. Mostly, this is a mechanical hack of the system, because to get enough SPs of area to represent the Fortress of Solitude would have cost a lot more than 160 CPs via the Headquarters perk alone. A stickler could reduce this to 1 CP of Wealth, and reduce his Headquarters spending as well, to bring him near or below 2000 CP

DRAWBACKS: Adverse Response (Kryptonite, Electric Ionizing, Very Rare substance, ambient, for prox+5 pages, -4CP) 2 <–linked–> Vulnerable State Kryptonite (very rare substance, ambient, for prox +5 Pages, effect: Reduce MIG, AGI, VAL to 3, health reduces to 30, lose all powers, -105 CP), Vulnerable State (Red Sunlight, Rare substance, ambient, prox+5, effect: Reduce MIG, AGI, VAL to 5, health reduces to 60, lose all powers, -242 CP), Code of Honor (4 color, -2 CP), Secret Identity (-2 CP), Damage Susceptibility 3 (Cosmic, -6 CP), Dependent (Daily Planet Crew, -5 CP), Duty (9-5 job, -1 CP).

More character conversions coming soon. I recognize that I might have been able to make some CP savings by buying his offensive powers (Blast, Gust, Cone) as a power set or pool, instead of paying separately. When converting a famous comic book character, there will always be a “which version?” problem; I based mine on the MSH entry without the “torqausm-vo” and “immortality because of sunlight” powers, which are absent from the depiction of Superman in the '97 animated series or the '78 Richard Donner film.

Cliff Seacord - The ROCKETEER (515 CP, PL 17)

ATTRIBUTES: Might 3, Agility 5, Valor 4, Resolve 5, Insight 4, charisma 5, Height 0, Weight 2, Running Speed 5, Jumping 1, Income 0, Fame 5, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Health 60, Determination 60, Hero Points 12

POWERS: Physical-only Deflection 7, Telescopic Vision 2, Polarized Vision 5, Super-Stamina 5, Linked [Contrailing Flight 9 & Self-Range Self-Immune Concussive Thermal Explosion Limited Radius (0 SPs)]

SKILLS: Aerial Combat 9, Alertness 7, Avocation (flight history) 7, Engineering (Aviation) 8, Marksmanship 9, Piloting 9, Smack Talk 7, Stoicism 8

PERKS: Close Defense Expertise, Combat Maneuvers (Super-fast Ranged, ultra-fast ranged, mega-fast ranged, super-power ranged, ultra-power ranged), Heroic (10 CPs), Lean, Mobile Defense Expertise, Multitool

DRAWBACKS: Dependent (Jenny Blake, -2 CPs), Duty (9-5 Job, -2 CPs), Vulnerable State: Deprived of Device (on a Red disarm lose access to Flight, Polarized Vision, Explosion), Power Flaw: Limited Fuel (Flight and Explosion become unavailable after 2 hours, and requires uncommon high-purity alcohol fuel).

EQUIPMENT: High Altitude flight suit, Broomhandle Mauser (Heavy handgun)

Luke Skywalker - Jedi Knight 1292 CP, PL 36

ATTRIBUTES Might 4, Agility 10, Valor 10, Resolve 12, Insight 5, Charisma 5 [460 CP] Height 0, Weight 2 [Lean], Running Speed 5, Jumping Speed 2, Health 40 recover 8, Determination 640 recover 128, Fame 7, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0

Power Pool “The Force” [Base 125+37= 162, Variable 20+8= 28] 12 [498 CP]
– Blindsight (Self, Permanent) Psychic, Life-Only [Base 25, Variable 10]
– Psychic Awareness (Standard, Permanent) [Base 40, Variable 4] This power enables the character to detect the effects of psychic or psionic phenomena. When a psychic or psionic power is used, the character gains Psychic Clarity equal to his SPs of Psychic Awareness + Psychic Loudness - Range to the event.

Psychic Event | Psychic Loudness

  • Psychic character arises or dies | Psychics power limit /2
  • Psychic or emotional damage caused | EV of damage
  • Telekinesis used | SPs of Telekinesis
  • Mind Domination, Telepathy, Emotion Adjustment used at any range other than “touch” | SPs of power / 2

With at least 0 SP of psychic clarity, the character has a vague sense that something has happened, but cannot say where it came from or exactly what it was. With at least 1 SP of clarity, the character is certain there has been an event, and can identify the approximate nature of the event (ie, the type from the table above) and a very rough idea of the direction to the event (within about 120 degrees of the true “direction”) With at least 2 SP of clarity, he can identify the nature of the event and the approximate direction (within 30 degrees) but not distance with at least 3 SP of clarity, the character knows the exact nature of the event, the direction (within 1 degree) and a rough distance (to within +/- 10 SPs of distance) With 4 or more SPs of clarity, the character knows exactly what event occurred, and exactly where.
Psychic Awareness does not allow a character to claim LOS on a target, regardless of how much clarity is obtained. However, it can be used to learn the approximate location of enemies for purpose of Indirect Area of Effect attacks or to avoid becoming Totally Surprised.

– Lightning Reflexes (Self, Permanent) [Base 0, Variable 2]
– Empathy (Standard, Instant) [Base 10, Variable 2]
– Mind Domination (Standard, Special) Verbal [Base 125, Variable 10]
– Scrying (Standard, Sustained) Non-Transmitting, Unenhanceable, Ritual, Time-Spanning, Cannot See Present, Undirected [Base 15, Variable 6] This power configuration allows the character to engage in an extended challenge action to call upon visions through the force. The character may see events in the future, or the past, up to 15 + SPs of power time forward or back, but cannot “see” the present moment, nor can he choose what specific visions he will see. He can choose to look to the past, or the future; his “visions” do not have a physical range, but they will be emotionally relevant to him. For example, a detective with this power could scry the crime scene to get clues about the perpetrator (using the CHART results as normal for investigation to determine the number and quality of clues obtained). When scrying the future, the GM should provide vague and uncertain guidance; the shorter the distance into the future, the more certain should be the answers (again, relying on the CHART to determine the number and quality of hints or forewarnings obtained).
– Mind Screen (Self, Sustained) [Base 20, Variable 4]
– Telekinesis (Standard, Special/Instant/Concentration), Agile [Base 45, Variable 20]
– Cloaking (Self, Sustained) [Base 20, Variable 2]

Skywalker’s Lightsaber [Power Pool] 10 [Base 53, Variable 11] [163 CP]
– Strike (Touch, Instant) Thermal Electrical Corrosive, Boomerang [Base 10, Variable 7]
– Power Set Deflection (Base 40+(.2530)= 48, Variable 8+(.256)= 10)
– – Deflection (Standard, Concentration), Physical only, Projectable, Protective [Base 30, Variable 6]
– – Deflection (Standard, Concentration), Energy Only, Projectable, Protective [Base 40, Variable 8]

Iron Will (Self, Permanent) 15 [Base 0, Variable 6, Score 12] [18 CP]
Resilience (Self, Permanent) 7 (grants determination recovery after only 15 minutes, instead of 1 day) [Base 0, Variable 4] [28 CP]

Routine Power Stunts 2 Point: Emotion Adjustment, Illusion, Memory Manipulation (verbal/suggestive only), Mind Reading,

Combat Maneuvers (all six melee options) [30 CP]
Extra Attack [40 CP]
Lean [2 CP]
Multitask [15 CP]
Sidekick (R2-D2) [80 CP]

Code of Honor (Jedi Asceticism) [-4 CP]
Dependents (Han, Leia, et al) [-5 CP]
Vulnerable State: Deprived of Device (Lightsaber, on a Yellow disarm or better the “Skywalker’s Lightsaber” power pool becomes unavailable) [-33 CP]

Luke’s Sidekick -
RD-D2, The Hero of 1,000 Devices 1026 CP, PL30

ATTRIBUTES: Toughness 1, Agility 1, Valor 1, Resolve 1, Insight 1, Charisma 1, Height -1, Weight 4, Running Speed 1, Jumping Speed -2, Fame 5, Passive Spotting 8, Passive Listening 0, Durability 30, Determination 20 [60 CP]

Technology Control (Standard, Special) 24 [Base 125, Variable 12] [413 CP]
Invulnerability (Self, Permanent) Physical Only 6 [Base 20, Variable 2] [32 CP]
Blindsight (Self, Sustained) Radio, Transmitting, Degradable 10 [Base 15, Variable 5] [65 CP]
Microscopic Vision (Self, Permanent) 2 [Base 5, Variable 2] [9 CP]
Radio Communication (Standard, Sustained) Mental, Sensitive 20 [Base 20, Variable 3] [80 CP]
Super-Strength (Self, Permanent) Non-combat 5 [Base 0, Variable 6] [30 CP]
Telescopic Vision (Self, Permanent) 2 [Base 5, Variable 2] [9 CP]
Ultra-Sensitive Vision (Self, Permanent) 2 [Base 0, Variable 3] [6 CP]
Memory (Self, Permanent) 21 [Base 20, Variable 2] [62 CP]
Running (Self, Concentration) 3 [Base 0, Variable 2] [6 CP] Power Set “Devices” 6 [Base 74, Variable 24] [219 CP]
– Cone (Special, Instant) Cryogenic, Variable [Base 20, Variable 16]
– Illumination (Standard, Sustained) Sustained [Base 35, Variable 3]
– Noise (Standard, Concentration) Intelligible, Self-Range [Base 15, Variable 2]
– Strike (Touch, Instant) Electrical, Non-Lethal, No Multi-Attack [Base 0, Variable 3]
– Flight (Self, Concentration) Contrailing 5 [Base 14, Variable 4]

Robotic [5 CP]
Multitool [2 CP]
Multitask [15 CP]
Additional Limb 1, Utilitarian [56]

Body Form (Ambulatory Trash Can) [-20 CP]
Damage Susceptibility (Electrical) 10 [-20 CP]
Short Stature [-2 CP]
Heavy [-1 CP] (edited)

This is hands down the most complicated character I’ve yet made. “Pyschic Awareness” is a word-for-word copy of the power “Cosmic Awareness” from the book, with the power focus changed to mental and psychic/psionic effects instead of the default-setting’s assumption of Zero-Point Energy. The modifiers to Scrying are courtesy GURPS Powers and GURPS Psionic Powers.

Upon further reflection, I realize that this build is suboptimal, because he’s below his PL in several areas. Further, I think his “The Force” power pool is inefficient. I may come back and stealth-edit this with a new version.

These are great designs! I’m sorry I missed this thread when you posted it.