Curious to know if there are any plans to meld ACKS with Ascendant to enable asention to demi-god / minor-god / Godlike levels of play?

I've not even judged my first adventure yet and I'm scribbling down all sorts of ideas for unique customisations.
I should probably wait until I get my hands on the Player Companion before I go much further, but I want to know; is there a place reserved here to share such humble Initiate offerings? 


I kinda doubt it. ACKS deliberately removes high-level D&D spells from regular play (by making them rituals) and uses a relatively flat progression (especially after level 9) in order to focus on specific levels of character power that make for interesting dungeoncrawling, wilderness, and domain-level play.

Ascendant’s geometric power progression has an entirely different design goal.

They won’t directly meld. However, I do have plans to eventually release a fantasy version of Ascendant called Aempyrean in which you could play gods and heroes.

I’d include a conversion guide to/from ACKS.

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