Asking permission: online spell creator

I enjoy coming up with new spells, character classes, races; however, all the math, especially for spells, can get tiresome. Fed up with trying to multiply hundreds of small numbers to make the right level spell (you try making a completely custom cleric class - that's a lot of spells to make!), I wrote a spell creator:

I realized that while I had originally created it for my own use, placing it on the internet means that everyone can use it; on the one hand, that's cool, because I like helping people out, but on the other hand, that's not cool, because even though I'm not making any money off it, I haven't asked for permission, and this is pretty much directly taken from the player's guide. I figured this was as good of a place to ask as any, so:

  1. Is it all right that I make this tool accessible to the public?
  2. Is there any information I should add (or remove) from the page?

That's awesome! My only request for now: Could you please hyperlink to the Player's Companion page on DTRPG so that interested parties can buy the book easily?


Done! I also added another link to the main site.

Any plans for a  print on demand for the Players Companion?

Awesome Work! You just saved me a bunch of time creating something like it in a spreadsheet.

Sorry for the thread necromancy, but another thread got me thinking about a very specialized kind of magic. Do you have any plans to add the ability to foreswear certain types of magic, as described in the Axioms 1 article under "Specialized Magic Types" ? 


Edit: Just realized I could do this by putting the value at 0. Great tool!!!

Indeed, setting it to 0 removes a magic type; I should probably add a note, or something. While that page is about the least complex programming-wise, it's also the most cluttered and unintuitive. Something to work on during my free time, I guess! (snort hahaha! Free time, oh man, I crack me up)