Assassinating Adventurers, Conquerors, and Kings

Ever wonder what the “assassination chart” for ACKS would look like if there was one?

Well, too bad, I did one anyway :slight_smile: - and it’s based on the actual math of the ACKS Assassin with the class’s Damage Bonus.

1.9 billion NPCs were backstabbed in the making of these tables.

Read that post, and I liked it.

This sentence made my night: I’m more than thrilled that once, in 10 million tries, a 5th level assassin met the one 14th level target that rolled badly enough on HP to be assassinated. That guy is a legend somewhere.

I like it. One question though…in your damage table, it looked like you were multiplying the damage modifier by the backstab. I’m pretty sure that all modifiers are added after the dice. So a 14th level backstab is only 10-35 damage (barring magic and strength mods (1d6x5)+5).

If I misread, my bad!

Great stuff.

For what it's worth, the Assassination hijink difficulties are meant to include the difficulties of e.g. sneaking up on the victim, finding him when he's alone, and so on, so they ought to be lower than the chances of scoring a kill in and of themselves.


Oh, snap! I totally was multiplying the damage bonus.

I’m gonna rename by blog to, and then I’ll rerun the Perl.

OK, all fixed. Thanks, Tywyll, for paying enough attention to my spreadsheet-wall to see it was a bit off :slight_smile:

We did lose our 5th level assassin legend, though - the 14th level targets didn’t start falling until our assassin hit level 9.

Alex: (r.e: what Hijinks model) Yes - and that (the Hijink system) was the most cunning use for Thief skills I’ve ever seen.