Astonishing ACKS! (Google+)

I’m not sure if I should be posting here or in the “General” forum, but I’m looking for folks who would be interested in a few low-level Google+ ACKS sessions in my current campaign world of Hyperborea (from Astonishing Swordsmen & Sorcerers of Hypberborea).

I’ve got a gameblog (called Mutants & Magic) set up at:

I’ve also put together an edited version of Miguel Zapico’s Excel character generator with my house rules and custom classes built in that can be used to create 1st-lvl PCs.

Nothing specific planned yet - I’m mostly “fishing for interest”. Respond here or send me a private message if you are so inclined.

I’ve been running this campaign now for over a month and have created a Google+ Community for the game: Hyperborean Murderhobos!

Come join if you’re interested in some action. (It’s a private group, so I’ll need to approve the request.)