Atlantean Custom Classes

I've created a number of Atlantean custom classes for my Hyperborean ACKS campaign. I don't have any demi-humans in my game, so Atlanteans play a similar role as dwarves in vanilla ACKS.

Here's how I built their racial values:  Atlantean Custom Classes

And here's three sample classes:  Atlanteans in Hyperborea

  • Atlantean Dungeoneer: Many Atlantean half-breeds show a predilication for mechanical devices; Dungeoneers are skilled in all manner of traps and locks.
  • Atlantean Artificer: The ancient Atlanteans were a scientifically advanced race, creating artefacts of amazing power; Artificers are the heirs of this lost knowledge.
  • Atlantean Alchemist: Alchemists follow ancient Atlantean traditions, seeking enlightenment and mastery of physical and chemical processes.

Dungeoneers are a variant of my Delver class (itself adapted from the Dwarven Delver). Artificers are reskinned Dwarven Machinists (from the ACKS Player’s Companion). Alchemists are a variant on the Specialist Mage (but due to their specialized nature may be better suited as NPCs).

I added another class converted from a dwarven equivalent:

  • Atlantean Craft-Priest: Craft-Priests revere the knowledge and craftsmanship of their people to the point of gaining divine powers.

The class description also suggests that Atlanteans in Hyperborea are pretty irreligious, which is a concept I like.

(I also modified the Alchemist class slightly to try and make it more PC-friendly.)