Attack Routines - 1 attack throw or 3?

I feel almost certain that the answer is somewhere in the books, probably even somewhere obvious, but I can’t seem to find the answer. When a monster or character (like my Thrassian Gladiator) has an attack routine, like claw, claw, bite, does one just make one attack throw and then make all three attacks (if you hit), or do you make a separate attack throw or each part of the routine?


“Attacks: This listing describes how many attacks are available
to a monster, per round, and the nature of the attacks. These
will be listed in the same order as the appropriate damage in
the damage listing.”

I read this to imply that each is a separate attack roll.

I don’t recall it ever being explicitly stated (in ACKS or any other games), but certain monster descriptions make it quite clear that each is rolled separately, such as the giant scorpion (“Any time that a claw successfully strikes, the sting attack receives a bonus of +2 to attack.”) or bears (“They attack with both claws and a bite, and if both claws successfully strike in one round, the bear also squeezes the character in a powerful hug that does an additional 2d8 points of damage.”)

Each is rolled separately. Sorry I didn’t make it clearer!

Thanks Alex (and everyone else!). I was sort of thinking it was probably separate attack rolls, and the monster descriptions pointed out make that clear, I just didn’t happen to see those particular entries when I was looking into this.