Auran Empire Character Background Generator

Just reading the FREE and very useful Hill Cantons Compendium - available here -
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Now I know some people like their characters to start as a tabula rasa but having a background generator provides a cool Traveller-like minigame and can embed a character into a setting. I used one in my old Tales of Gargentihr campaign that linked to the towns and factions in the setting, so I’m sure it can be easily tweaked to the Auran Empire if desired.

Thanks for the plug, Sean. Some of the table entries are specific to the dark fairy-tale HRE-Polish Commonwealth setting of my home campaign (mentions of landsknechts and the like) but easily adapted with a few changes to other settings.
In my home campaign I bend to the reality that some people prefer tabula rasa and basically give them the choice of standard chargen or the mini-game

I’ve been looking at the tables today and thinking it would be possible to do a classless ACKS - or one class ‘Adventurer’ - where initial proficiencies stem from the background rolls and then any future proficiemcies have to be training for, possibly after searching out the right mentors for the more esoteric proficiencies.