Auran Empire Sourcebook

I just recently received ACKS and the Players Companion for Christmas, so I’m new here on the forums. I was wondering when the Auran Empire book would start it’s kick start, or if it’s already over? Also, when will the source book be available for purchase? Sorry, if there is already a thread with this information.

Thanks for your interest!

The Auran Empire sourcebook will kickstart next year. We have a policy of not kickstarting a project until the prior kickstarter has shipped. Right now we have to finish Domains at War’s kickstarter.

Thank you for the quick response.

Does that mean Auran Empire will Kickstart before Lairs & Encounters?

It’s not clear that L&E will Kickstart. We may just publish it as an e-book.

To be honest, we’re rather conflicted about it! We don’t want to continuously ask our fans for Kickstarter crowdfunding, but we also can’t hard-publish without it.

I need to make a Business Strategy proficiency throw, clearly… Fortunately I have three ra–is that a natural 1?


On another note, I’d back a Lairs & Encounters Kickstarter in a heartbeat as, of the two, it sounds like it’ll be of far more use to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I expect you’ll be seeing my hard-earned (not really) coin on an Auran Empire Kickstarter, too.

Have you thought of concocting a poll about whether or not there would be a lack of interest in another Kickstarter? I have some trouble believing that, myself, as Kickstarter doesn’t really carry the same kind of “oh, so you don’t have the money?” stigma it might have once had. I’ve seen several Kickstarter campaigns from a single company each do successively better than the last.

I will also declare myself more interested in lairs & encounters. nothing against the auran empire, it’s just that I’m already running a game not in that setting, so reading about it now doesn’t do me as much good.

Thanks for the feedback, gentlemen. Auran Empire would be a very expensive product due to all the maps and artwork so it’s a necessity to Kickstart.

You are doubtless right that attitudes towards Kickstarter are changing.

I would participate in kickstarter for both products, now that I’ve discovered Autarch. Is there any maps of the Auran Empire, Jutland, Kemish, and the other nations. posted anywhere?

There should be maps of the Auran Empire in the Downloads section here…

Have not found a world map, is there one?

The only published map is that of the continent of Aurepos, roughly paralleling our own Mediterranean.

Where can I get a copy of that map?

Ah, I see what the issue is. There’s a 404 error for a missing file on the download page. Let me talk to our webmaster.

Thank you

Sorry, I didn’t double check the download before I pointed you there…

Between L&E and Auran Empire I’m more interested in Auran Empire. Unless I’m missing something special (Lord knows that’s possible) about L&E I think I’ve got enough sources for monsters and small monsters.

Settings to either run a campaign in, or steal mercilessly from are of more use to me.

Its all good, I found a copy on Google Documents.

So…I just got the email with the final pdf for Domains. Dwimmermount is also finished (ish?). By my count that means all your kickstarters are done.

When can we expect Auran Empire to Kickstart?


Hopefully right after Lairs and Encounters. IANAA