If a dwarven machinist or other class able to construct automatons created units to defend a domain, how would these count towards the required expense for troops to protect a domain?

It would generally be whatever their wage is as a unit, calculated from the BR of the automaton as defined in Domains At War.

A creature's "minimum wage" is the price of the automaton divided by 33, so a 10KGP automaton costs 300 gp per month - that's 300gp towards the cost of the garrison. (D@W:B pg 95)


That being said, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's a post or an already established rule/ruling I'm forgetting, it feels to me a single automaton at 300 gp/mo isn't quite the same coverage as 50 light infantry at 6 gp/mo - the "can only be in one place at a time" problem.


I must have missed that one.  I will have to go back and reread Domains of War.  And what makes you think I would have only one?  Two or three supported by small squads of muskets and other infantry make it really interesting.

If I were an troublemaker, I'd hesitate to visit the town with Judge Robocop. Sure, there's reasonable odds that he would never see or hear me and I'd do bad things without issue. But if he did happen to be in the right place at the right time... I'd much rather be caught by the Night Watch in the next town. 

What makes you think you would make it to the next town?  A half dozen automatrons supported by a dozen musketeers each, you will not make it to safety. 

You have 2 rounds to comply.
You have 1 round to comply. You are in direct violation of Ducal Code 1.13 Section 9.
You have 2d3 seconds to comply. I am now authorized to use physical force.

I'd make it to the next town by not committing any crimes until I was out of Judge Robocop's domain. 

You can use the simple formula above, or more robustly calculate the automaton's BR and then work out its wage. If it's very powerful with loads of combat-oriented special abilities, its effect wage might be MORE than cost/33.

I need a Robocop to police these forums!