Awesome layout! Tiny typo...

Hey Alex,

Battles is looking fantastic!

Just a tiny typo I noticed 'cause I was looking at the backer stuff -

Battles, page 104, Order of Battle under Third Division. “First Battalion of Hobgoblin Longbowmen Companies…” (Vul, Chieftain) should be (Vulg, Chieftain).

It’s very exciting to see this coming together.

It is looking good - nice to see the custom backer stuff.

I don’t have it with me so I’m missing a page number, but under the platoon scale rules, unit damage vs. PCs is listed as “5d7”, not “5d6”.

That is pretty sweet.

If this is what we’re doing, page 29 refers to the “LOS Stoppage” table, but the table is actually titled “Terminus of LOS”.

  • The illustration on page 30 has no letter designations.
  • Page 32 says: "War Machinery cannot cross, enter, or move along trenches." In context, I assume that's supposed to be "...along streams"?

Ooh, and the description of the battle map says 24x18, but the illustrations are all 25x19. Does it matter? I don’t know. A 24x18 map has a weird lack of symmetry between the two sides of the map, though.

One typo I’ve noticed is that the table for human units still lists “120” war elephants, which I’m pretty sure should be just 5 instead. An actual unit of 120 war elephants would be terrifying!

The little footnote under this table also doesn’t look entirely grammatical, and probably is missing a word.

Thanks for the kind words and for the typo corrections!

Two portions of the Battles BR calculation procedure (p 93) that look like possible typos, if I’m understanding them correctly:

  1. The combat multiplier for melee attacks takes the unrounded number of attacks and divides it by the rounded number. This effectively means that the combat multiplier is mostly independent of the number of attacks. For example, a 5-attack unit with 4.9/5 = 0.98 would actually have a lower multiplier than a 1-attack unit with 1.1/1 = 1.1. This isn’t consistent with missile attacks (which are directly proportional to number of attacks), and it doesn’t make sense to me why something as important as number of attacks would get canceled out of the equation like this.

  2. The final step of finding the combat multiplier (for missile units) is listed as “Missile Value x 0.05 x Melee Value”. I’m pretty sure the first “x” is wrong, and this should read “Missile value + 0.05 x Melee Value” instead.

“In bad years, the legions are weak, the border foots are undermanned…”

The formula is: (unrounded number of attacks/rounded number of attacks) x (max damage during a charge)

But maximum damage during a charge is
(rounded number of attacks + bonus attacks + bonus damage from charge)

In the case of standard units without spears, maximum damage during a charge is simply the rounded number of attacks. So the formula is actually:
(unrounded number of attacks) x (rounded number of attacks) / (rounded number of attacks), or, more simply (unrounded number of attacks)

But when a unit has bonus attacks or damage in charges, we increase the Melee Value proportionately.

That’s a case of our cartographer, Chris Hagerty, being a better visual thinker than I am. When I envisioned the map I told him 24 x 18 but when he executed on it, he realized it had to be 25 x 19 to work correctly. I’ve fixed the text to reflect the reality.

Thanks again to everyone for your proof-reading. As of today I’ve finished my final proof-read, including adding in all the missing page numbers. I will provide the document to Carrie Keymel on Monday, and she’ll finalize it for the printers.

Our cartographer, Chris Hagerty, has completed creation of all of the unit counters so those are ready for printing. PDFs should be available by the 1st week of January, with print copies following 6-8 weeks later.

Great news!

Also, that means it’s ‘Bug Alex About The Next Product Season’. Two Christmases in a row!

Is there a new pdf/draft-version out there? Have only word-foles, Tavis sent me a couple of months ago.

I got my PDF of Battles from a Kickstarter update.

I’ve just noticed that the attack throws for ancient and venerable dragons on page 79 appear to be reversed. That is, I think dragon (ancient) should be at -2+, and dragon (venerable) should be at -3+, rather than the other way around, to maintain a smooth improvement with hit dice.

Ooh! Hey! It’s the first (second?) week of January. I’m excited for those unit counters! :slight_smile:

So the hex maps that are being produced will end up being a bit larger than 4x3 ft? The battlemat PDFs on the backer page haven’t updated in a bit.

The battlemap will be exactly 48" x 31.183" to line up with the dimensions of 24 hexes wide and 18 hexes tall.

(I really gotta tune into the Autarch boards more than I have - Chris)

…so they are 25x19 in the book for purposes of illustration, but 24x18 in the product for purposes of play?

The latest backer download states:

A 4’ x 3’ fold-out battlemap, 25 hexes wide and 19 hexes deep, is included with the Complete Domains at War Set. It is designed to the same scale as our
unit and commander counters, and features 2” wide hexes.

(but then goes on to mention using two battlemaps at 48 by 18 hexes on the very next page, thus coming back to 24 by 18.)