Bad day for Henchmen

In our last game (3rd session of our first ACKS campaign) it was a really bad day for henchmen.

It did teach us just how brutal the Mortal Wounds chart really is.

Out of the 4 level 0 henchmen we had, two of them were throttled by chaos monkeys and brought below 0 hit points. The one had his genitals permanently damaged, and the other had his lips and tongue permanently mangled. It sounds like something that evil monkeys would do, but it was still pretty darn brutal. (A PC was crushed by a cyclops, but it was an instant kill and didn’t seem quite so horrific).

Surprisingly, both henchmen elected to stay with their employers (grudgingly). So we have to watch those cripple wrecks wandering around for at least another session.

Delightful! Thanks for sharing.

In my home campaign, we just had two henchmen resign due to the calamities they’ve endured. One was a much-beloved 7th level Thief who’d been reincarnated twice… everyone was sad to see [what was left of] him go.

My players are fond of getting really cheap henchmen by buying a lot of booze and taking half drunk people with them on a dare. Those henchmen tend to sober up and flee at very inopportune moments, obviously.