Banishing creatures (not summoned)

I found a spell called Banosh Shadow in a D20 book. It lets you banish a shadow (the monster) to the Plane of Shadow. Similar spells would bansih demons, etc.

I'm not sure how to build the spell with the Player's Companion spell creation rules. I looked at every spell type, inluding summoning.  The spell types don't include an Abjuration category, except protection, whioh doesn't seem to covefr banahing creatures. How can I build a spell that banishes a dreature on a failed save? The spell in question deals 3d4+1/level (max 10) damage even on a successful save.  I'd like to include that as well, but mainly I'm looking for a way to banish creatures.

‘Banished to another plane’ is functionally identical to ‘dead’, from a player’s point of view.

I’d build it as a death spell, with an appropriate reduction in cost if there is restricted targeting.

(Note: I am not an Autarch!)

It's kind of like Dispel Evil, but it's not actually clear how Dispel Evil was built.  So, have to agree with Aryxymaraki above.  Looking at Protection spells just now, wards v certain monsters cost 3, and wards v monster types cost 6.  Modifier for "only shadows" could be as good as x.5.

Thanks for the input! Using the death spell category I built it as a 5th level spell, which is the same level it was given in the D20 book I found it in.

The movement spell categry includes the option to teleport unwilling creatures. Unfortunately, it's a bit weak on extraplanar travel, but "making something go away" is definitely in scope.

Also, there's one important function difference between "dead" and "banished" - "banished" is something players might cast on themselves as an emergency escape, as long as they have some means to return to their own plane later on.


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