Barbarian Conqueror King is taking shape!

I am pleased to announce that the Barbarian Conqueror King draft is almost half ready! I’ve put a lot of thought and work to it in the last two months, and now I’m starting to see the fruits of my effort on paper.

A key chapter I’ve almost finished writing is the Classes chapter. There are 15 new classes, all ready for use in any ACKS campaign, all fully described with experience tables, abilities, templates, proficiencies, and, in the case of divine spellcasters, also spell lists.

So here are the classes I wrote:

Blessed Undertaker: The cleric of the Neutral death god Mawat, specialized in slaying undead.

Bug-Man Female: A female sentient insectoid capable of arcane spellcasting, flight, interaction with insects and fungi, and, eventually, establishing a nest and spawning a huge multitude of bug-men to populate her domain!

Bug-Man Male: A sneaky male sentient insectoid with a huge mercantile network and thievery abilities.

Cultist: Classic Chaos-worshiping lunatic, granted with massive divine power by his alien gods; cultists of different gods have different special powers.

Deep One Hybrid: A spawn of Chaos, a crossbreed between abominable fish-men and humans. A savage fighter, and also capable of Chaotic divine spellpower granted by Dagon and Rahab.

Dragon Incarnate: A human born with the soul of a great dragon; born to lead, fights with a dragon’s ferocity, and, on higher level, capable of casting arcane spells.

Gecko-Man Spirit-Talker: The ‘shaman’ of the Gecko-Men, protected by an ancestral spirit and casting divine magic; climbs walls and ceilings very well, may detach his tail for a hefty bonus on the Mortal Wounds table.

Gecko-Man Stalker: A sneaky, patient hunter and trapper of the Gecko-Men; climbs walls and ceilings very well, may detach his tail for a hefty bonus on the Mortal Wounds table.

Lizardman Gladiator: A lizardman bred for arena combat, fights like a real monster. A modified version of the Thrassian Gladiator from the ACKS Player’s Companion, somewhat weaker, but progresses faster in XP, especioally at high levels.

Lizardman Hunter: Wild, stealthy hunting lizard-man, with abilities geared towards ambushing prey.

Lizardman Priestess: A lizardman priestess of the grand goddess Ixchala, a divine spellcaster with good healing powers.

Lizardman Warrior: Totemic fighting-lizardman. Each Warrior belongs to a secret society or order following a totem, each totem has its own advantages.

Lizardman Witch-Doctor: Tribal sorcerer of the lizardmen, an arcane spellcaster who gains several additional powers by trafficking with demons and spirits.

Visitor Hybrid: Half human, half alien Visitor. Has an innate knack for alien tech, as well as locks and traps, and is also telepathic and can cast arcane spells at higher experience levels.