Barbarian Conquerors of Kanahu Draft Discussion

Things I noticed so far:

Page 20

“However, bugmen are alien beings and thus suffer a ‐2 penalty to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of men, lizardmen, and geckomen. Conversely, they get a +2 bonus to the reactions, loyalty, and morale of their own kind.”

This sentence repeats twice

Page 22

“but rather in the wilderness”

Should be
“but gather in the wilderness”

Page 25

Transformation into a Deep One

If only

“Deep One Hybrids who reach the maximum level of 11th level may transform themselves into full Deep Ones by a baleful ritual” (should probably be either “the maximum level” or simply “11th level”)

Then what is the point of
“It requires 5,000gp per character level to transform into a Deep One. The ritual takes one day per 1,000gp of cost. The transformation requires a magic research throw. The target value for this throw is increased by +1 for every level the character has.” ?

It seems to me that this ritual can cost only 55000 gp, takes only 55 days and the target value of the magic researh throw is increased by only +11. There cannot be any other variations, although description suggests it can.

Good catches! Thanks!

The serpentine machine monster has a constrict attack with a save vs petrification or “strength check save” like this:
a check of 18+ on 1d20 (strength bonus applies)

The worst possible petrification save is 15+. In order for this strength check save to ever be better than the petrification save, a character needs a strength bonus of +4 or penalties on saving throws that don’t apply to the strength check. I think the strength check save is confusing and should be removed completely.

I read that as a "bash door" check, which starts at 18+ and is reduced by -4 for every point of STR bonus.

Page 30

“They may use bows and crossbows as well as spears and polearms, and may wield shields. They may not fight two‐handed, or dual wield weapons.”

Character who is not trained in two-handed weapon style cannot fight with polearms, as those are exclusively two-handed weapons.

A character with Fighting 1a or Fighting1b has two fighting styles, while a geckoman spirit-talker has only weapon and shield style. Is there a mistake here, and they can fight with two-handed weapons, or this style was traded for some custom power?

Page 30

“They may also hide in shadows, move quietly and backstab”

Should be “move silently”

Why is so much of chapter 2: Rules duplications of chapters 2-4 in Heroic fantasy? Would it not be better to simply reference Heroic fantasy and note which of the rules from there are appropriate for Kanahu? All backers get both books.

If there are intended differences, then those should be explicitly stated as such - running with duplicate set of rules that are not exactly the same is very confusing. Also, editing the same set of rules in two places makes it hard to get them to be the same, as stated in the project update #19.


That makes a lot more sense. The wording could be improved to something like "or an act of brute strength, 18+ on 1d20 (4 less per strength bonus).

[quote="Weron"] All backers get both books. [/quote]

Not everyone who'll gets these books is a backer. These books will eventually be available for sale online - and presumably individually.

There are a few “rouges” on the first page.

How many hit points (days recovery)  would the healing syringes provide if using the heroic hit points rules?

Will we get a “proofreading” sneak preview when the books are near completion, or is this it?