Bard Class

So… why no bard class for humans?

There is a human Bard class in the core rulebook, second one under Campaign Classes after Assassin.

I had the same gut reaction, and almost posted that, but then I checked Dwimmermount.

Dwimmermount lists off human classes available, and Bard isn’t on the list. I don’t know why; personally, I’d allow it, as I have no real reason not to. (The list is on page 34 of Dwimmermount, containing 12 classes. Off a quick 2-minute check, it leaves out bard, mystic, anti-paladin, and warlock, and replaces paladin with their variant paladin.)

D’oh! I navigated to the thread via the Active Forum Topics widget, and didn’t check the sub-forum. Sorry, Maledict!

Under the circumstances, I would guess the answer boils down to the original creator of Dwimmermount, James M., not really liking the class. I believe he originally used Labyrinth Lord for his home campaign, and it doesn’t have a Bard class, either… anyone have the LL version to compare?

I was hoping for something more sophisticated than James didn’t like the class. I had a player who had to change his character after we got the pdf. Thankfully, He hadn’t played it yet.

The selection of classes presented in ACKS Dwimmermount was based on and inspired by James Mal’s vision for his setting.

James wrote a draft of a book called “The Dwimmermount Companion”. This book was never published, but in writing ACKS Dwimmermount, I had access to it. In the Dwimmermount Companion, James provided details on a variety of classes, not present in LL, that he presented for use in Dwimmermount.