Bards, Arcane Dabbling and Scrolls

Bards can use their Arcane Dabbling skill to “use wands, staffs, and other magic items only useable by mages”.
Later it says that “At 10th level, the bard can read and cast magic from arcane scrolls with a profciency throw of 3+ on 1d20.”
Arcane Dabbling throw is 3+ at level 10.
Does this mean that the 10th level ability to use scroll is separate from Arcane Dabbling? Ie. they can’t use scrolls earlier at all?

Arcane Dabbling is not intended to permit the use of scrolls. It allows the use of the following items: any wand; staff of wizardry; staff of power; crystal ball; and any new magic items created by the Judge.
Scrolls are not considered magic items only usable by mages. Characters can cast a spell from a scroll if the spell is on their class list and if they can read the language. For instance, a scroll of protection from evil written in Classical can be used by anyone capable of reading Classical and casting that spell.
Bards and Thieves can read languages at 4th level and cast spells from scrolls that are on the arcane spell list at 10th level.

Thanks for the clarification.