Bargaining ranks

How many ranks should you expect a merchant to have on average? I mean mercantile venture wise.

FWIW, elsewhere Alex has suggested (5-marketclass) ranks in bargaining.

...and you may already know that, as susan_brindle, specifically calling you out as her DM, also utilized that in her program here

If I really wanted to do it myself I'd probably go with that "Alexian" method at (4-MarketClass), keeping it to 3 ranks, plus maybe rolling (7-Marketclass)+2d6 for CHA (minimum +0), assuming the supposed cream rises to the top.

Unless it's C.M.O.T. Dibbler, then all bets are off and you're getting quite a deal on this bundle of cursed  uniquely enchanted items.




Thank you! Sadly Mr. Brindle didn’t stick around that much longer after he started his great adventures into the markets. As no one else wanted to do ventures I stopped storing that information and only had his market program to help.

As I am not the DM in this game I was looking for an Alex answer to show to the current one and also better help my expectations as to what’s to come.

It is strange that all merchants must be old from Alex’s standpoint because of the limited amount of proffiencies slots a human has. Or all class one merchants are super leveled or hyper Intelligent.

Double posted. Sorry.

[quote="Demons_eye"] Mr. Brindle [/quote]

There's a "Boy Named Sue" joke hiding in there somewhere :-P 

But to more accurately address your concerns about merchants: it's reasonable to assume that the most accomplished merchants (measured by ranks in bargaining) will gravitate towards larger markets, while a combination of less successful or young+scrappy merchants will tend towards smaller markets where there's less competition to run them out of business.