Becoming Undead

In my group a character was slain by a wight and because this didnt change his alignment at all I decided to let him continue playing his now ex-barbarian after waking up 2 days later.
This created a couple of questions that I wonder about though:

Does he keep his stats and stat bonuses? (I guess yes)

Does keep the limits of his old class like weapon and armor selection? (Guess no as his class changes)

Does he keep his proficiencies? (Hard to say but its only climbing and ambushing so I don’t mind if he does)

Can he still roll on the Mortal Wounds table when reaching 0 hitpoints? Does he get the Barbarians re-roll? (No idea…)

  1. Yes
  2. I would probably rule yes, as he is not likely to get new weapon training or armor mastery as a wight.
  3. Yes
  4. It’s up to you whether he retains his class powers. I think Savage Resilience probably would not carry over to being undead as it seems to reflect an intense vital life-force and that would be gone.

It’s interesting this has come up, because I have a few other undead related questions. What happens when an undead PC is reduced to 0 hp? Can undead be healed by cause (or cure) wounds spells in ACKS by default? Can undead be repaired?

I mean, I will cheerfully rule on this when my player’s ruinguard finally gets to the hags who are going to transform him into a death knight, but it’s always nice to have answers directly from the Lemurian tablet Alex keeps chained in his basement.

I have an answer for the middle one.

ACKS Core page 75, description of Cure Light Wounds: “Undead are affected by this spell and its reverse in opposite fashion; they are injured by cure light wounds and healed by cause light wounds.”

Cool, I assumed that’s how that went, but I was too lazy to check. :slight_smile:

I think I will roll on the table but not allow any bonuses from the healing proficiency or cure wound spells.
For regaining hitpoints I guess he will be dependant on cause wound spells and sinkholes.