So now that I’ve got the bulk of ACKS in an OGL doc ( where are the bestiaries? Specifically Fiend Folio type documents with wholly new creatures. I’m kinda tired of OSR monster manuals that just present classic monsters with the serial numbers filed off, those are easy enough to convert from Labyrinth Lord, I’m wondering where are the compilations of new and interesting creatures to be used by the ACKS community to harm/terrify our players? I’d be interested in compiling something like that (Gorgonmilk style) if everyone is cool with it only being worked on wednesdays :slight_smile:

Are you looking for ACKS specific ones or just any OSR bestiaries? I don’t know of any ACKS ones. I like the Hamsterish Horde of Monsters though -

ACKS specific, specifically new monsters for ACKS instead of rehashing existing critters. I just think ACKS deserves its own “Fiend Folio”

There will be some ACKS specific monsters in future products. The Sinister Stone of Sakkara adds one, and another 25 more are written and waiting for appropriate products in which to appear.