Blogging up a setting

I’ve started rolling a setting for the ACKS game I intend to run this summer and hopefully into next fall. So far I’ve got the city at the center of the world and a region of borderlands where life is nasty, brutish, and short. More to come in the next few weeks. Comments welcome!

That sounds awesome! I love how you worked the Thrassians and Zaharans in. Your set-up seems like it will be ideal for ACKS.

Thanks! A Greece analogue is now up. At something of a strategic impasse; debating between doing borderlands regions first (Skandia, Desert of Ghazir and the Sajuk Steppes, Thrassia) so I can get player input on which one to detail more fully for play, or deciding to detail the Shieldlands and writing up settled, PC-origin regions (with templates).

Been mapping the Shieldlands the last couple weeks (oh christ has it really been a month and a half?..); looking to have the first session here in the next week or so. Wrote up Freeport, primary port and largest city of the Shieldlands. Also a rather dangerous place.