Blogworthy forum posts

I would like to start moving the best explanations/clarifications/expansions of the ACKS rules that have come up here in the private forums to public blog posts, which we can reference later in the online SRD.
I’m going to start with Alex’s explanation of move-then-attack, but no doubt there are many many more. Use this thread to point me to your favorites! Best way to do so is to right-click the # in the line of forum code at the bottom of the post, like “Posted 1 day ago # Edit Delete”; choose “Copy Shortcut”; and then paste it into a reply to this thread.

Here is an example!
Move then attack:

Perhaps: about the bargaining power of Merchants.
I think the notion of figuring NPC’s skill level based on “5-market class” is quite a useful one and, if not something you want to include in the book, should at least be preserved for posterity.