Boat Capacity

Quick question about boats and their cargo capacity, using river boats as an example.  Core says the average river boat can carry 600 stone in addition to its crew.  If you want to carry passengers instead of cargo, do you just assume the average person + gear weighs, say, 20 stone and divide that?  So a river boat could carry either 600 stone worth of cargo or 30 people?

This is discussed under Passenger and Cargo Transport. Each passenger counts as 200 stone. (Yes, that's much more than their weight, but actual cargo can be compressed and stacked in a way that human beings cannot be.)



Wow. I completely missed that and had been using some of the rules from the RULES CYCLOPEDIA. Any thoughts, Alex, on expanded travel information in a future supplement? More boats, ships, beasts of burden; explanation of portaging; etc.?

One of the members of the ACKS community is working on that as a freelance project. I've been consulting with him on the Auran Empire details.