Borked threads

If you click on a thread, and instead of a forum post you find something like this:

Array (
[quote_content] => 7. Fighters and explorers gain a +1 morale bonus to retainers and mercenaries starting at 5th level, to encourage mid-game recruitment of loyal bands. [quote_author] => archon [nest] => 1
Drop me a PM with a link to the offending thread's page, and I will try to fix it.

However, the real fix is this:

Don’t use the [quote][/quote] markup. It doesn’t always break things, but sometimes it does, and it almost never works anyway. I fixed a few threads today, and I’ve fixed a few in the past, but the cause always comes down to a post with a [quote][/quote] block in it. (I used the character entity [ and ] instead of actual brackets in this post, just in case.)

Huh. I get that result about half the time when I try to use the Search feature.

If you hit it in a search again, let me know what search terms you used.

There are some common search terms which often brought up one of the very few borked threads. If a borked thread is in the results . . . the search is borked, too. I’ve cleared all of the ones I knew about, but there might still be others lurking.

You also get that result when you click on the More information about text formats link under the text entry box for posting, presumably because it’s trying to show the use of quotes.

Ouch. Yes, it is, and you do, and that appears to be why.

Found the switch to turn off all [quote] processing. That has killed the bug, at least. The More information about text formats link now works normally as well.

As always, please feel free to PM me or drop a note in this thread if you come across a borked thread.