I decided I wanted to change the bribery proficiency so that anyone benefited from offering a bribe. Below is my first version, but I was thinking it might be better if the proficiency just halved the amount of money you had to offer to get the bonus. I’m interested in people’s thoughts on this:

Bribery: As written, this proficiency allows the PC to offer bribes, with bonuses based on the size of the bribe. Since I want any PC to be able to offer a bribe, I need to amend this a little. Now, when offering a bribe, any character can gain a +1, +2, or +3 to the reaction roll for bribes equal to a day’s wages, a week’s wages, and a month’s wages, respectively. But if you take the proficiency, you get double the bonus.

I handle it thus:

Bribery. Throw 18+. Roll to conceal the bribe, so that only the target of the bribe knows about it. If concealment doesn’t matter, no roll is required.

A bribe prompts a second reaction roll, with the same modifiers as the first. At least a day’s wage must be offered (less is insulting and gives a –2 on the second reaction roll). A week’s wages grant a +1 on the second reaction roll, and a month’s wages grant a +2.

The Bribery proficiency grants a +4 on the throw and an additional +1 on the second reaction roll.

I also allow pre-emptive bribing: roll twice and take the better roll, with bonuses as above on both rolls.

This is excellent! Many thanks, and stealing.