Building My First Domain

I am putting together my first domain for ACKS, a border duchy called Gosled, and I wanted to make sure I am doing things right…

Gosled is a duchy with a population of 40,000 families. That gives it an urban population of ~4,000 and one large town with a population of ~1,000. The duchy is divided into five counties, each with a population of ~8,000. That means each county has an urban population of ~900. This is divided into one large village with a population of 200 and and 8-9 smaller villages of 75-100 families each.

So, am I doing this correctly?

Off the top of my head, that sounds right. Look for the thread I started called “Size of a Barony” for some discussions I had with the Autarchs on this same point.

By my understanding, you are missing one thing - the ruler’s personal domain. Assuming an average realm, then, according to the chart on ACKS page 230, 1500 of those 40000 families should be in the ruler’s domain, leaving 38500 families to be divided up among the 5 counties, etc, etc.