Bundle of OSR

I’m guessing that many frequenting here already have access to the ACKS pdf. But if you don’t (and even if you do), that and a whole bunch of other goodies are available for a heck of a deal here: http://bundleofholding.com/index/current

Good idea getting the book in there, Autarch! While S&W and LL are good games, now more people can see why I think it compares favorably to them.

Great stuff in there. Just purchased it.

I got it as a gift. Already had ACKS and Vornheim and some of the other bits, but it’s still shiiiiiny.

That is now my third PDF of ACKS. In fact I had over half of that bundle in PDF and a bunch in hard copy already. I’m weird, but it’s a good bundle, I wanted to support it.

It is a good bundle; hopefully it’s not all us same people buying it :slight_smile:

I will say one thing; aside from all the other systematic benefits of choosing ACKS, Autarch really does have a good set of people doing layout/etc. - when I first came across it, I was most wow’d by the production of the document - from the fonts to the tables; it’s all super-crisp.

Agreed, the layout in ACKS rocks. One of the cleanest B&W documents I’ve ever used.

I also hope there are lots of new people buying it, but I’ve noticed a distinct trend (particularly amongst other OSR types) to not really grasp the differences within ACKS without actually playing it. Without doing so, it seems many people look at it as a poor clone with complicated domain house rules they figure they’ll never use anyway.

Thanks for the kind words on the layout. Carrie Keymel and Greg Lincoln are super talented and we’re very grateful to have them!

Which OSR people are saying the negative things about ACKS, boboblah? Most of what I read on RPGSite and RPG.net is fairly positive. I’d be happy to “wade in” where I can to promote the game.

It’s true that most of the changes in ACKS are pretty subtle, but I think they add up to a better game than our competitors regardless of whether our domain rules are used or not.

Oh, I agree it’s a better game, and have said more or less the same thing: many small, subtle changes leading to distinct, and improved, gameplay, with or without the domain rules. It’s why I’m here, after all.

I’ll try and dig up a recent conversation from the RPGSite that’s representative of what I’m talking about.

If I can ever get an old school gaming group together (which I haven’t had since old school was brand new), then I will definitely use ACKS. The proficiency and class systems alone are an improvement on B/X. And it feels more intuitive and fun than going back to 1E D&D.