Buying a physical copy of the book(s) outside of the US

I’ve been having difficulty in trying to pin down how exactly I can buy a physical, printed copy of the Core book and possibly also the Player’s Companion outside of the US. More specifically, in Sweden.

RPGNow/DrivethruRPG has print-on-demand for many of their games and I’ve been able to buy stuff from there and get it shipped. However, I have yet to find a comparable alternative for ACKS. Am I missing something?

Hopefully it wont turn out like when I wanted to get my hands on Dungeon Crawl Classics and discovered that the book cost 40$ and the shipping would cost me 50$!

So basically, help me buy your stuff! How can I buy the ACKS books in physical format in Sweden? Or rather, how can I get physical ACKS books shipped to me here? can ship you a copy to Sweden for US$55 or thereabouts.

What’s shipping like from the UK? Leisure Games has physical copies (or at least they did last I checked), which has to be cheaper than shipping from the US.

Ah, thanks for the info! Any idea of which edition/print these books are? It would be nice to have the latest version.

There’s only one edition, as far as I’m aware.

Two things are going on:

  1. The reprint of ACKS has been held up to allow inclusion of errata that will be compatible with Domains at War (a change in the pricing of some mercenary types, mainly).

  2. Game Salute has been promising us a revision to our contract that would allow us to do POD printing and sales, which is likely to be the most cost-effective way to get books overseas for those who don’t have a local store.

#1 has been resolved and will mean that there will again be books at the GS warehouse ready to ship in about two months. These will be the latest version and will have the stitched binding we’re hoping will avoid the problems with split spines a few folks have reported.

Unfortunately I have no idea when #2 will be resolved - I’ll send 'em another email now.

I am not sure where Lulu prints for you but something that has become my standard for soft cover (Hard cover prints for me in the US) and B+W interior (colour interior is too expensive) is to:

  1. Buy RPG PDF.
  2. Remove any copy protection, if any, using RPGNow includes some weird protections as standard that stop Lulu accepting the file.
  3. Upload PDF to Lulu as private file (only you get access).
  4. Copy and Paste covers and upload to Lulu as JPG (for colour covers).
  5. Buy PoD from Lulu with authors discount and the always in effect 20% off
  6. It get printed and shipped from Oz, far cheaper than the US.
  7. Physical RPG books to the end of the world profit!

Obviously this only works for you if Lulu have a regional printing location that ships cheaply to where you are, but for me it basically halves the price (at the least) of a physical book from the US and I also have the PDF.

^Obviously this is not as good as the lovely hard cover copy of ACKS I have from GS> And I will be getting an errated hard cover from GS or nobleknight too, stitched bindings are great.

But it is something to bear in mind if you want softcover or copies to lend your players as a DM.

I’m interested in getting an ACKs book as well but I live in New Zealand. Using PDFs and a printout with crappy binding.

If you are happy with soft cover Zard, you can do what I do buy the PDF >upload to Lulu as a private file > they print it cheap as (incle 20% off code) and ship from Oz. I recently got a 350+ page RPG book done via Lulu it was 11US$ before discounts.

And you can use that PDF money towards a hard cover once the corrected revised versions are out in a couple of months.

Aleady have a soft cover version, not really after another one.

Fair enough. I just ordered a hard cover copy of War of the Burning Sky by ENWorld. It was printed and came from France, the shipping from France about 1/2 the price of the US, bizarre.

As much as I enjoy the international community of gamers on the internet nowadays, I would hate to have to get my favorite games from anywhere outside the US. It sounds like a major hassle unless it’s Games Workshop material.

I would probably trade you for any other type of health care, mind you, but not the game shopping.

I am looking foward to getting a revised edition of the core book along with a hard copy of the PC.

Don’t quite know what to say to this except that since quite a few of the major (and also many of the not-so major) gaming companies and publishers operate out of the US, us europeans have to import our gaming stuff one way or another.


Which retailer sells sewn hardcover ACKs books? Should I buy it from Noble Knight, Drivethru or Amazon. I really need the rulebooks with good binding, as those will see a lot of use at game table, and I already wasted money on printing the rules at local print shop (which does not have any equipment to produce proper stitched hardcover).

Please tell about your experience with abovementioned sellers, thank you. (Of course paper and printing quality is also important, while price is not)