Buying formulas

How much to just buy a potion formula on the open market?

In ACKS core, the rules for Playing with Advanced Characters allow characters to “buy” magic items, and:

“Characters capable of magic research may substitute magic item formulas for actual magic items at a 2:1 ratio. For instance, 1d4 random potions could be traded in for 2d4 potion formulas.”

This suggests that, if available, a potion formula would be valued at 1/2 the value of a potion.

The Judge would determine whether potion formulas are available in a campaign. In a default ACKS campaign, one might assume the market for formulas is even more inefficient than the market for magic items, although the increased availability of potential potion makers might make potion formulas more available. Perhaps membership in the Imperial Alchemy Guild allows access to common potion formulas at market prices.

CharlesDM's thoughts entirely reflect my own.


Argh!  I knew there was a clue somewhere, but I was in a game and got stuck in Chapter 7.  Thanks.