Cacodemon special ability in HFH

I hope this is a quick one.

Cacodemon special abilities mostly have a number in brackets after the title. E.g. Breath Weapon (1).

What is this number? I had assumed it was how many special abilities that special ability counts as (for the purpose of ticking off the number of special abilities the cacodemon has). But I'm thrown by the usage factor.

For instance, Breath Weapon is 3/day, which gives a usage factor of 0.5. Is the 1 in Breath Weapon (1) the number of special abilities before or after usage factor is included?

I.e. Should I be multiplying 1 by the usage factor to get 1/2 a special ability, or has a value of 2 already been multiplied by 0.5 to get that value of 1?

The number in parantheses is the number of special abilities that particular power costs as. No further action is necessary!

You ONLY apply the Usage Factor when calculating the special ability cost of Spell-Like Abilities (result 72-75 on the table). 

So a Breath Weapon usable 3/day counts as the number of special abilities listed in parantheses - 1.