Call for PDFs and Digital Tools!

I’m pleased to report that Autarch now has a webmaster again. As a result, we are actively updating our Downloads and Digital Tools. In the past 18 months there has been a proliferation of great new content and tools created for ACKS by the community and we would love to begin to host it or link to it.

If you would like to have your house rules, character classes, rules supplements, digital tools, or other ACKS material hosted on, please email me (alex at autarch dot co) or send a private message on the Autarch forums to Koewn, our new webmaster.


In addition, already hosted web tools can be linked, if hosting at Autarch is unwanted or improbable.

I will be out of town this week, so any initial communications may not be responded to quickly.

I have a henchman generator (not unlike Meatshields, but ACKS-specific) at

I suppose I should polish up my market generator and do a readme for it.

I checked the page for my character builder and saw that its last update, 10 months ago, was “TODO: Put documentation here.”

I should probably do that. (It might also be nice if it supported more than the core 4, or if it didn’t mock you with a ‘use a template’ option that does nothing.)

I’ll work on links.

I don’t know what your hosting that on, but Alex is willing to host things like that on, if you’re amenable.

I have an online rumour generator that gives rumours about potential npc’s, odd sightings, adventure locations, etc. If you click the ‘random’ button, it even tells you if the rumour is true or false.

Example output:

  • A duke named Iason of Smiles is claiming to have a map of a new land. He wants the hand of a Gaulian soldier for it. It must happen before the new moon.
  • A bronze monolith covered in Amethysts and precious jewels lies under the cell of night.
  • A thief named Merius says that before a month has passed, a murder will take place.

And, to be fair, also:

  • A group of farmers wants to take a load of manure to a fountain 13 hexes away.

Maybe they’re farmers stuck in some sort of out of control prank-feud, or something. :slight_smile:

Give it a go at:

Please do!

Very well done!

Bookmarked and a hefty handful generated ready for my next sessions.

Let me know if anything truly epic or funny comes up!