Cameron is a drama queen

Edited to remove my ranting.

When one of your teenage players calls you on being a drama queen, er… :wink:

Anyway, I’m not leaving, and I apologize for the drama. But please consider banning IRWS.

Glad to see the edit function is working for you!

I'll be drafting and posting forum guidelines shortly; basically posts will be deleted for topicality (there are other places to talk about having replica Swiss watches for sale), hostility, and obscenity. I'd rather keep community membership to everyone - divergent views are worthwhile - and moderate at the level of individual posts.

Is there a way I can see the previous version? I swear, you go out of town a few days and all the fun stuff happens on the forums! :wink:

I was unhappy - very unhappy - with the community standards implied by the fact that IRWS was allowed to continue posting his offensive screeds on a forum that I had directed people to. It was not a particularly colorful or interesting rant, just a variant of “take my ball and go home.”

The only thing I said that was actually worth repeating was this:

ACKS got me back into DMing (sorry, “Judging”), and I think it’s “the game” I am going to run for the next several years.

Refereeing, here.

Congratulations on getting back into the game.