[campaign class] [Qelong] Sajavedran Monk

This is a PC-class writeup for priests from the setting of Qelong.  It's a partial translation of the Lotus Monks from that book, which are intended as NPC only (and probable opponents), so special abilities are kind of a grab-bag.  I left a couple of the NPC abilities on the table, where pricing them out for a PC class wasn't worth it.

I'd intended it to replace the cleric entirely for natives of the setting, but it came out with no armor whatsoever, which I'm on the fence about.  (Like a bladedancer, only weaker!)  As a compromise, book clerics and paladins might be present only as foreigners.

Math: Hit Dice 1, 500 xp.  Divine value 2, 500 xp.  Fighting 1a, 500 xp.  XP to level 2 is 1500.  Traded armor from unrestricted down to forbidden for four custom powers.  Traded one fighting style for a fifth custom power.  Narrow weapon selection from categories V and VI, and two handed weapons for the one fighting style remaining.

Took three custom powers at level 1, traded two out for one each at levels 3, 5 and 7.  Most of it's straightforward, but you'll see where I went off the reservation.  I priced a flat +1 to hit with staffs and brawling attacks as half a custom power, and a flat +1 to damage with staffs and brawling as the other half a power.  My thinking was that's coming in only on weaker attacks so it's reasonable.  If anything it feels a little weak still, and I'm tempted to have it increase at 7th and 13th level.

The light spell once per hour feels a little strong once you remember the blinding use of it.  Then again, I'm not opposed to throwing them a bone after the no armor thing.

​Sajavedran Monk

Prime Requisite: WIS

Requirements: None

Hit Dice: 1d6

Maximum Level: 14

Sajavedran Monks are skilled combatants.  At first level, monks hit an unarmored foe (AC 0) with an attack throw of 10+.  They advance in attack throws and saving throws by two points every four levels of experience.  They practice with spears, polearms, bolas, darts, nets, slings and staffs.  They may wield weapons two-handed, but are not trained in the use of shields or to fight with weapons in both hands.  Their martial arts provide a +1 bonus to attack throws and damage rolls when attacking with a staff, or when brawling.

Their ascetic vows and lifestyle prohibit any training in armor, but while unarmored and able to move freely, their graceful fighting provides a +1 bonus to Armor Class, which increases to +2 at 7th level and +3 at 13th level.

Monks turn undead as clerics of their level.

Once per hour, their close connection to the powers of Law allows them to invoke light, as the first level spell, with a casting time of one round.

At 2nd level, Sajavedran monks manifest the ability to cast divine spells.  They use the same progression as clerics, though their spell list varies slightly.

At 3rd level, monks gain a divine blessing which provides a +2 bonus to all saves.

At 5th level, monks gain the ability to cast Clairvoyance once per day, with a casting time of one round.  In addition to living creatures, a living and growing lotus flower in the area of effect also suffices for the spell to succeed.

At 7th level, monks may Confuse their opponents as the spell once per week, with a casting time of one round.

Sajavedran monk proficiency list:  Alertness, Apostasy, Battle Magic, Beast Friendship, Blind Fighting, Combat Reflexes, Combat Trickery (Disarm, Knock Down), Contemplation, Divine Health, Dungeon Bashing, Fighting Style, Healing, Knowledge (Astrology, History), Laying on Hands, Loremastery, Magical Engineering, Martial Training, Prophecy, Righteous Turning, Swashbuckling, Sensing Evil, Theology, Unflappable Casting, Wakefulness, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus.

I bought Qelong a while ago and really liked it, glad to see someone else on the ACKs forums appreciates it :-D

I really like the Lotus flower bit for the Clairvoyance. Does Qelong use the whole Howard-esque lotus spectrum?

I really like the Lotus flower bit for the Clairvoyance. Does Qelong use the whole Howard-esque lotus spectrum?

Yeah, I don't hesitate to recommend it.  I'm actually starting up a face to face game of ACKS Qelong very soon now, but I figure we'll start at first level with some dungeon crawls, so we may not be digging into the meat of the setting right away.

Well, there's only golden lotus in the book, so not quite.  But the Lotus there is is a bigger feature of the setting than I've gotten across in this write up.   Used by the monks in careful moderation for healing and divination, in larger doses it's presented as an addictive drug, with kind of an opium feel in all but name.  And then, the Lotus is actually a power of Law on the cosmic level, albeit a distant and alien one.  I kind of like the idea of a force of Law being limited to working through a handful of monks, literal drug addicts and the environs of actual lotus flowers.

Certainly it would fit the feel of the setting to add the death lotus back in.