Can we build a Witcher


With the netflix series I've been reading the books and going over the video. I've been working on trying out building a Witcher and have been running into a few snags here and there just trying to figure out a few things. Out of curiosity has anyone here built one or attempted to? Here's what I'm working off of.

  • Sterility (which partially explains selection from the outsiders, as they cannot breed to pass on their traits). -- no mechanical need
  • Cat-like eyes that grant very acute nightvision - witchers can constrict their pupils to see in blinding light or open them to see in near pitch darkness. This nightvision can be further enhanced with the cat potion, but in general, it is good enough by itself to not require further enhancement. Their entire sensory system is overall enhanced, allowing them to identify the species of animal from the scent of their blood, and detect nearby beings even when out of sight. -- Basically enhanced night vision not really infravision but could be based off that or maybe just keen vision
  • Tremendous resistance to disease (which functions in most cases as complete immunity) and a boosted immune system, allowing them to consume large quantities of potions that could prove easily deadly if consumed even in small amounts by a normal man. -- Divine health or maybe wholeness of body?
  • Exceptionally increased strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance, far beyond any normal or well-trained human, that allows them to swiftly end fights with minimal effort, and perform physical feats non-witchers couldn't hope to match. A witcher's physical skills alone are sufficient to defeat most monsters single-handedly if combined with extensive training and proper weaponry, whereas regular men could only hope to accomplish this in large groups. Witchers have also been shown to shrug off hits that would normally render normal men unconscious. Additionally, they have been known to survive the strikes of powerful monsters such as giants, or other beings possessing herculean strength, that would otherwise kill others with a single blow. Endurance proficiency and d10 for HP with fighter combat progression?
  • Having the ability to perform simple yet incredibly versatile combat magic in the form of signs. They also develop a sixth sense that allows them to "feel" things around them, be it items of importance or people's immediate intentions. This explains their uncanny ability to track and hunt people and monsters.  ---- see below
  • Accelerated healing granting quick recovery from injuries. -- this could be covered by BHR from the fantasy companion perhaps the wticher heasls at one BHR higher , but how to price that? and savage reslience?
  • Incredibly long lifespan and prolonged youth (Vesemir is said to be at least a few centuries old but has the appearance of a middle-aged man). This is covered by longegivity

Not all of these have to be there but preserver what can and still giving it that Witcher feel

Though they cover proficiency in basically any weapon that comes to hand, 

For these spell like powers Maybe a light spell progress with a minimal list?


– a telekinetic wave that can throw back, knock down or stun an opponent. This sign can also be used to destroy obstacles, for example crumbling walls or stacks of barrels. Not too sure


– a gush of flames that wound opponents. When upgraded, the sign has a chance of incinerating opponents and has a larger area of effect. It can also be used to detonate flammable gases emitted by some bombs.  Burning Hands covers this


– a magical trap placed on the ground, which will wound and immobilize opponents. The sign's basic level allows you to place a single yrden sign on the ground. After upgrading it, you'll be able to place up to three yrden signs at a time. These will work in unison, creating an impassible barrier. Some variant on protection from evil


– a protective shield that lasts for 30 seconds at the sign's basic level. It is a sign that Geralt uses on himself – quen absorbs all damage directed at Geralt, and the upgraded version reflects 50% of the damage back toward to enemy. While quen is in effect, Geralt cannot regenerate vigor.-- Shimmer spell or a stronger variant that grants +4 instead of +2?


– a charm placed on an opponent. If the charm attempt is successful, the enemy will become your ally for a short while, fighting at your side. Basic charm person


Looking it over it seems it will have to be built as a new race similar to Nobrians/Zharahans.

Keep in mind that for the "Exceptionally increased strength, speed, reflexes, and endurance" would simply be from a commoner viewpoint of what all characters in ACKs would be like when they get a number of levels under their belts (especially those with fighter/ Hit Dice ranks).

Witchers in general I'd say wouldn't really be out and about much alone without a bunch of levels up their sleves (they seem to have quite the intense training).  The earilest going out on their own at around 3rd to 5th level.  While someone like Geralt would be "name" level (so around 9th level or more).

A class something akin to Fighter 2, HP 1 and Wizard/Thief 1 (to cover the magic skills) could cover most of what the witchers could do.

That said a custom race could work as well.

Loswaith is on the mark when he talks about "increased strength, speed, reflexes and endurance" being a result of levelling.

I'd say you could manage a Witcher with:

F2, T1, HD1. (XP: 1700)

Trade away thief abilities (+3 custom powers) and armour down to leather (+2 custom powers, +300xp). I don't think witchers use ranged weapons either so trade away missile damage bonus (+1 custom power, +150xp) and weapon selection to broad or possibly to narrow if you only want them to use swords (+1 custom power, +150xp).

That's 7 custom powers for an XP cost of 2300. With that many powers, you might not even need to use Nobiran race class to build the Witcher.

3 powers for: Divine Health, Longevity, Aard (there will be a spell in the HFH that covers this)

You can trade off the other 4 to gain extra powers at later levels or to gain alchemy proficiency to create potions.

This looks more workable. I'll see about building it this way and see how it looks. One question though

"Aard (there will be a spell in the HFH that covers this"  

Are you thinking sorcerous bolt?