Cartography for doors

In the games I’ve been running at the Brooklyn Strategist, I made the doors in Dwimmermount panes of metal with no normal way to open them (basically using the “mythic underworld” rules for doors in OD&D). However, when I played in James’ game on G+ it was clear that the doors in the original dungeon had hinges, so that the question “does this door open in or out” is meaningful.

What’s your preferred way to represent this on a map? Would you like to have a map symbol that also represents when a door is locked?

Having been raised in a home construction family business, I was always a little puzzled on the TSR method of representing doors by litttle boxes. If you look at any houseplan, it always shows a thick line representing a door part way open with a thin arc to represent the way it swings. That seems a very sensible approach to me.

A seperate map symbol for locked doors might be useful, but if you have a lot of them it might clutter your map.

Ditto Aldarron. I have a visio map symbol that I use for this… as to the question of locked or unlocked, I usually put a very small “x” on doors which are locked.