Celebration of the Unconquered Dawn!

His Imperial Majesty Audarius XIV of the Auran Empire would like to extend to you the blessings of Ammonar during the upcoming Celebration of the Upcoming Dawn. May the sun rise over you for another year.
Happy holidays! :slight_smile:

Hail Sol Invictus!


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All hail Gaoxingru, for his gifts are truly magnificent!

Dammit, I can’t believe how commercialized the Celebration of the Unconquered Dawn has become! When I was a kid, the Celebration was about revering the return of the sun after the longest night of the year. Nowadays it’s all about what the Merchant’s Guild wants you to buy and whether your Winged Sun is shiny enough. And the whole shopping madness that starts immediately after the Rites of the Hearth Fire is outrageous!
And don’t even get me started on the Elves and their insistence we put up some sort of a ‘tree’ next to every Winged Sun. Ridiculous!..

It’s the new Du cult that worries me with all their “complicated to be completed in absoluteness” blather. I hear the members all kill themselves eventually.
That cowsheep crossbreed with the wooly leather is looking pretty good, though.

I fear Du must be a new cthonic god.

Admirably suicidal followers of Du: I am Vibram! You will know my works through my FiveFinger heralds, Bikilia the Working and Kso the Sensuality! Feel the wind of my excellent train! Be completed by my absoluteness! In this, FiveFingers speed is achievable! Seriously!

I want to play in this published campaign setting. Seriously.