Civilized, Borderlands and Wilderness in Existing Domains

p. 125 gives rules for determining the status of "newly secured domains".  Is there a rule of thumb to use for "established" domains?  Is all of the land within an established domain Civilized, or is there an assumption that all hexes within a certain distance of borders than do not abut other domains are Borderlands?

I believe it's always based off of distance from cities. 

Yeah, but the rules in the book specifically call out a newly established domain -- one, I assume, that has just been carved from the wilderness. What about domains that have been existent for hundreds of years? I'm thinking about doubling the given distances from cities.

Actually, it the distances in the book seem to work quite well for existing domains, as well.  I just tried it with a small kingdom and the results were quite nice; most of the land is civilized, assuming a fairly even distribution of large towns and cities, with borderlands around the edges and some of the furthest corners being wilderness.  These can be assumed to be recently granted baronies and marches that the owners are in the process of taming, would be my guess.

Glad the rules worked out well for your campaign map!