Class Builder for published classes

Has anyone reverse engineered the published classes in the Core and Players Companion using the class builder rules? I have tried creating classes and can’t seem to make the class builder work correctly, and sometimes it is very confusing. Having a set of known builds to look at would be a great tutorial.

I have several halflings in my game, and a custom wizard. Since I couldn’t figure the class builder out I just imported them from B/X or made them up, but I would prefer to build them properly. (I did finally figure out that the Explorer is the halfling with the racial part removed. I would like to add the racial abilities back in…)

Fighter - Fighting 2, Hit Dice 2
Mage - Arcane 4
Cleric - Fighting 1, Hit Dice 1, Divine 2
Thief - Fighting 1, Thievery 3
Assassin - Fighting 2, Hit Dice 1, Thievery 1
Bard - Fighting 1, Hit Dice 1, Thievery 2
Bladedancer - Fighting 1, Hit Dice 1, Divine 2 (tradeoffs and different choices were made, which is what separates this class from cleric)
Explorer - Fighting 2, Hit Dice 1, Thievery 1

Dwarven Vaultguard - Dwarf 0, Fighting 2, Hit Dice 2
Dwarven Craftpriest - Dwarf 3, Fighting 1, Hit Dice 1, Divine 2
Elven Spellsword - Elf 4, Fighting 2, Hit Dice 1 (note: this class can be built with any combination of Elf + Arcane that adds up to 4. It’s identical regardless of the specific split.)
Elven Nightblade - Elf 2, Fighting 1, Hit Dice 1, Thievery 2 (like spellsword, and for that matter all elf classes, elf value can be any combo of Elf + Arcane)

The PC classes are more complicated and I don’t actually have a list, I’m just looking at them and figuring it out as I go along. So if no one else gets around to it, I’ll post those later.

In general, here are the ways you can use to figure out the points spent; many powers and XP costs can be confusing to reverse-engineer, but some things can only be modified directly by points spent.

1 - Hit Dice.
2 - Attack throw progression.
3 - Arcane spellcasting progression.
4 - Divine spellcasting progression.
5 - Actual thief skills (hide in shadows, backstab, etc).

Any special ability that is not an actual thief skill can come from multiple places, and so figuring them out in reverse can be much more challenging. But those five things are the things that can only come from points (class or race points, but points only nonetheless). The biggest challenge in reverse-engineering complicated classes who have a lot of special abilities is really just figuring out where they came from.


I believe are all of them.

If you’d like a giant list of things that have been done, check:

The giant list doesn’t have some of the newer stuff - my Minotaur and Monk aren’t in the list:

Yeah, the giant list hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s still a good place to start if you just want examples of things people have done.