Class Demographics and the Players Companion

Just a quick question. The ACKS main rules provides some information about the frequency of the core 4 classes in any given population. I’m assuming that this information is not affectede by the new classes in the players companion.
Is there going to be any suggested frequency of the new classes? (So, 1 in 20 Wizards might be a Dwarven Machinist, or whatever)
This might be a useful set of information to provide somewhere.

I was wondering that also when I was looking at building a starting dwarf vault for setting. I was thinking it would. Be rarer characteristics

Hmm. I’ll have to think about that.
It would be very setting-specific. For example, in Aura, capital of the Empire, the vast majority of divine spellcasters will be Clerics, Priestesses, and Blade-dancers, with few Shamans. In Skysostan, Shamans will predominate. Likewise, in Jutland, Barbarians (Northern) will make up a large percentage of the fighting men, and Shamans a large percentage of the divine spellcasters. Etc.

Alex - you remember someone was talking about how the different classes could put a different slant on the game? Perhaps that sort of ‘setting specific’ class frequency stuff could be included in the ‘Here’s how you model X type of setting’?
Failing that, just say something to the effect that ‘Including these classes will have an impact on the overall population of levelled NPCs. We’re deliberately not telling you how, because it should be a setting specific distinction. If you want a land of barbaric warriors then have half of the ‘fighters’ in a given population to be barbarians, if you have a Kingdom of the dwarves then all the mages could in fact be Dwarven Machinists. It’s up to you! We may include revised tables in the Gazeteers for the different parts of the Auran Empire to help Judges populate those areas of the default setting.’
What would be very useful though, is some information to say:
‘The following classes count as ‘Fighters’ for the NPC tables: X,Y,Z
The following classes count as ‘Clerics’…etc…’
Because of the golem and magic item construction (Automata) I’m assuming Machinists are effectively Dwarf Wizards, for example - but that might not be what you intended.

Ok, I’m blind. Where in the core book is the frequency of the core classes discussed?

Page 235 gives you the number of NPCs of a given Level for a given Population.
Page 237 gives you the breakdown of Fighter/Mages/Thieves/Clerics for a given size of Settlement (but not Domain).
Somewhere on the forums, I think, is a thread that provides more information but I’d not know which one!
You can extrapolate some basic figures from the table on page 237 though.

Thanks. Missed the stuff on 237 completely. :slight_smile: