Class, race, magic, and spell creators

I really enjoy making new characters, classes, races, magic types, and so on. Of course, every part of creating involves some boring bits, like adding up spell points or counting proficiencies. I usually make spreadsheets do the work for me... but, I like sharing, and that includes my tools. So, I took all my spreadsheets and made them into web pages... then improved them. They're still very much a work in progress; I haven't quite figured out how to display all the data they produce, for one thing, and the saving/loading has some problems. But, I will continue to work on them, and if anyone finds any bugs, do let me know!

Spell creator, class creator, race creator, and magic type creator.

Doing the gods' work here.

As a note, while it's not 100% working just yet, it is (or will be in the near future) possible load a saved custom magic type into a custom race or class, and to load a saved race into a class. Also, even once I get everything working, it's still going to be possible to do really stupid stuff; all of this will need passed by the Judge before it's used.


Just awesome.

Looking forward to seeing this work grow.

i love this

This is awesome. Let's chat!

Sure, I'd be glad to; what's your preferred method? PM, email, Google hangouts?