Classical Auran IPA

The pronunciation guide in the Classical Auran primer (available on Patreon) were a bit of a struggle for me as an L2 English speaker, but I realize that L1 speakers probably aren't taught IPA in the third grade so I can forgive the method used. But I didn't want to leave my fellow L2s high and dry, so I did some work and compiled what to the best of my knowledge is an IPA pronunciation guide to Classical Auran. It's missing all the additional information given in the primer, so hop on down to Pëtríun and throw a buck Autarch's way.

Vowels (diphthongs marked with *)

a    /ɑ/    ä    /ɝ/

o    /oʊ/*    ö    /ʊ/

u    /ə/    ü    /u/

e    /ɛ/    ë    /eɪ/*

i    /ɪə/*    í    /ɪ/

au    /ɔː/

ou    /aʊ/*

eu    /juː/*

y    /aɪ/*



b    /b/

d    /d/

f    /f/

h    /h/

l    /l/

m    /m/

n    /n/

p    /p/

r    /ɹ/

s    /s/

t    /t/

v    /v/

z    /z/

c    /k/ or /tʃ/

k    /kʰ/

j    /dʒ/

g    /ɡ/

x    /tʃ/ or /ks/

Th    /θ/

Sh    /ʃ/

Wh    /hw/

Ch    /tʃ/

Kh    /χ/

Qu    /kw/

It should be noted that I am not a linguist, this is just based on stuff I learned in elementary school and by using Wiktionary, so I'm open to corrections by someone more skilled. I'm not even sure if I should've used brackets instead of slashes.

This is really helpful. I have a tough time with IPA because it confuses more than clarifies. I know what the English sounds mean but not the IPA sounds.