Cleric Spell Progression and Divine Value Multipliers

Quick question, and I apologize if it’s been answered, I’ve not found it on the forums or in the ACKS:PC.

Cleric (Divine 2, 1x spell progression) gains no spells at Level 1.

The Priestess, (Divine 4, 1.5x spell progression) gains 1 spell.

There’s no Divine 3 example given that I’ve seen (may be blind), so, is 1.33*(undefined) less than or equal to 1? :slight_smile:


Hi Koewn - A caster with a Divine Value 3 gets no spells at 1st level, because 1.33 x 0 = 0.

A caster with Divine Value of 4 would also get no spells at 1st level, except for a rule in the text. I've bolded the relevant text below:

Divine 4: A Divine Value of 4 gives the class the ability to turn undead and cast spells as a cleric, with additional bonus spells per level. Increase the class’s spells per level by 50% to determine the class’s spell progression. Round fractions of .5 or greater up. The class uses its class level for all level-dependent spell ranges, durations, and damages; these are not increased by 50%. In addition, a class with Divine 4 can cast one 1st level divine spell per day at 1st level. The class’s divine spell repertoire is based on a spell list of 15 spells per level.


Oh good gracious facepalm. I’ll blame my crappy little tablet and it’s less-than-optimal DOC reader, rather than the actual culprit.

This is all tremendously great stuff - the only complaint I have is this wasn’t around in 1985 when I could have really used it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the kind words. 

I wish I was selling this in 1985 too. Back in 1985, a good game sold 100,000 copies!