Cleric Spell Progression

Is it right? They get access to level 3 and 4 at 6th level then access to 5th level spells at 7th level. that is a lot of power gained over 2 character levels and does not look right to me at all?

Also is there a collected errata thread and/or document?

Well I have read further through and the spell progression is the same for other classes and even the spell availability table complies with the spell progression. So maybe someone can tell me the thoughts behind such a rapid power increase?

The Cleric spell progression is correct. It's based on the original Cleric spell progession in Moldvay/Cook Basic/Expert D&D.

Which in turn is exactly the same as OD&D up to level 7, and only slightly different after. So you will have to blame/credit Mssrs. Gygax and Arneson for that one.

I certainly shall blame them!
Haha I started with BECMI so have no experience of the previous versions. What a very odd idea, why have 3rd and 4th level spells? Just make them all 3rd level and give more spells per day!