Clerics or Ecclessiastics in Auran?

I'm strongly considering using a quasi-version of the Auran Empire as my group's default setting (and my solo play), and I also like the heroic fantasy handbook. Alhough I do know that the two are certainly not mutually exclusive, I'm still not quite sure what rules in HFH don't fit (or fit less) in the Auran Empire setting. But, ATM, my main concern is that in the HFH it says to replace the Cleric with the Ecclessiastic, yet, the Cleric seems to fit better for certain religious sects in Auran, namely, The Temple of the Winged Sun, namely, seemingly, because of the weapon selection (namely, no mace for the Ecclessiastic). Do you think it might be best to split-the-baby, namely, have them both? Or what would you suggest? (Perhaps build a new class with only a minor tweak to the Ecclessiastic? Granted, I haven't quite tried to exercise my Player Companion-fu yet).


Clerics are more of a holdover from B/X, no problem replacing them with ecclesiasts.  The real symbol of the Auran Empire is the bladedancer, which IIRC the HFH recommends you keep.

I am conflicted about this myself! Some days I want to convert the entire Auran setting to use the Heroic Fantasy rules and other times I think it's better to stick with Arcane and Divine. 

I would say that if you decide to use the Eldritch magic rules, then the gods of the Auran Empire would probably have the following classes affiliated with them:

  • Ammonar: Ecclesiastic, Paladin (militant arm)
  • Turas: Ecclesiastic, Paladin (militant arm)
  • Naurivus: Runemaker
  • Istreus: Loremaster
  • Ianna: Priestess*, Bladedancer
  • Calefa: Priestess, Assassin
  • Mityara: Ecclesiastic or Priestess*

*Consider a custom Priestess that trades turn undead for custom powers related to the goddess - Ianna's might have Mystic Aura, Seduction, and Warmistress powers, Mityara might have various healing powers





Yes, I want to go with eldritch magic. Thanks. That info was very helpful.

Btw, what would you recommend for starting Fate Points in th Auran Empire? If I recall correctly, I read in the primer that there is no fate in Auran, only existential (or something like that). But I want give Fate Points a whirl (try). I was thinking, Uncaring Fate? (begin with 1 Fate Point).


Are there any particular advantages to using the Priestess class modded for Eldritch/Ceremonial casting rather than replacing them with female Ecclesiastics? Or is it more a question of flavour?

I wondered the same thing. Prima facie, I'm thinking it's mostly flavor (I have it embedded in my brain that an Ecclesiastic is a male trope/archetype, and a priestess sounds hawter).

I guess Priestess would have a different pool of available class proficiencies out of the box.

For some reason the forum isn't allowing me to post a new topic, so I thought I'd ask these questions in a thread: 

I might be overlooking something (or failing to "put 2+2 together"), but I see no mention of rituals in the HFH. I'm assuming this is intentional in that the power level of rituals don't fit the heroic fantasy vibe so-to-speak?

Secondly, I see no mention of rolling (or charts) for your starting spells/ceremonies in your repetroire. I'm assuming that you can select any starting spells/ceremonies you want? (Judge's discretion). 

In HFH, the eldritch ritual spell list is at the top of page 123, and ritual descriptions begin on page 154.  Ceremonial and eldritch spellcasters who reach 11th level gain access to 7th, 8th, and 9th level rituals as normal following all the normal rules for rituals.

(Although I did just accidentally find a typo in the occultist's ritual ability description where it claims they can cast ritual arcane spells, I assume ritual eldritch spells is the intent.)

Ah, yes, I should've checked the spelllists, that makes perfect sense (I haven't played with rituals yet). Thanks. I see now. (And good eye catching the typo!)

As far as Ecclesiastic versus Priestess - what I would probably do is remove the Priestess's Turn Undead power and instead assign 4 class powers/proficiencies related to her goddess. I think Turn Undead is a great power in a traditional ACKS game, but in a more swords-and-sorcery or Tolkienesque world it doesn't fit as well. 

So, for instance, a priestess of Ianna might have Charisma-related powers similar to that of the Elven Enchanter or Warmistress. A priestess of Mityara might have powers of healing and solace similar to an Ecclesiastic. In the upcoming Nethercity module I have provided Cultist classes for a bunch of chaotic gods that shows how this might work.

Cool deal. I'm a huge fan of customizing divine types. That's where my mind has been headed.

I'm looking forward to Nethercity.